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10 Healthy Lunches for Regular Office Goers

    healthy lunches for regular office goers

    10 Healthy Lunches for Regular Office Goers


    Lunches can be a hard decision for many office goers. Indeed, we have seen a few coworkers that come to the office with homemade, packed lunches, or a few of them may order from a different restaurant. The point is that everyone is so busy with Emails and Phone calls all throughout the day that when lunchtime comes, they are too hungry to eat anything. So the eternal question is still burning, what could be the healthy lunches for regular office goers? 

    Well, eating “anything” is not the right thing to do. Lunch is an important part of the day, and many officers goer compromise on their lunch by eating junk food, coffee, or ordering the food from a restaurant. We think eating junk food is such an unhealthy option for every day.

    Similarly, ordering food on a regular basis is very costly and sometimes very heavy on your stomach as well. So, the only option is to have a healthy and easy homemade option for the lunches.

    Honestly, these top 10 homemade options are easy to make, low cost, and jam-packed with so much nutrition and flavor that you might come back for more all the time. Our list has a few delicious salads, sandwiches, rice, and sharable bowls that are just perfect healthy lunches for regular office goers.

    So why wait? Let us try these delicious options:


    Mini Charcuterie board

    The Charcuterie board may sound very fancy, but it is packed with so many little ingredients that are sweet, salty, and full of health. We like to have a mini pack of jam, cheeses, crackers, breadsticks, oven-baked chicken, or any deli you like. It is simple and can be customized with so many mini options that will spice up your lunch.

    We also like to add fruits to our Charcuterie board like grapes, apples, and a few seasonal fruits that complement well each and every little component of this mini-board. In short, it is full of little surprises and health too.


    Vegetables and dips

    Vegetables and dips are one of our favorite healthy lunch options we have on the list. Few carrots, cucumbers, and peppers cut into sticks and packed with hummus, whipped feta dip or ranch on the side is just perfect. You will be surprised to know how healthy and low calorie; this lunch has, depending on the dips you have on the side.

    We also like to add a portion of fruit on the side or a mini sweet granola bar as well to complete the lunch for the day. We love it because it requires mini preparation and is full of health as well.


    Fried Rice/Cauliflower Fried Rice

    Fried rice is one of the simplest healthy ideas that is made with vegetables, protein, and leftover rice from dinner. We like to stir fry carrots, capsicums, chicken, cabbage, and eggs with garlic, soya sauce, and chili sauce. Then add the leftover plain rice to the mix and fry until well combined.

    We also like to have ketchup or mayonnaise on the side for extra saucy and flavor in the rice. It surprisingly goes perfect with your coffee as well. We sometimes also sneak in cauliflower rice instead of plain rice for an extra healthy alternative.


    healthy lunch ideas


    Stir fry with chicken and noodles

    If you are not a fan of fried rice, then this Stir-fried chicken and noodle healthy lunch idea is delicious for you. Just stir fry some pieces of chicken with vegetables of your choice and fold them into noodles. We had tried different types of noodles than the wheat ones, and we absolutely loved the combination. It might not be low-calorie depending on the noodles you are using, but it is definitely very healthy and has so much flavor that will satisfy you.


    Baked Felafel Sandwiches

    Since we are talking about low-calorie and healthy packed lunches for adults, then baked Felafel sandwiches is a big yes! They are more like make-a-head felafels, baked in the oven with 90% less oil and fat.

    We love these sandwiches not just because it is a low caloric option but also because of the simplicity and combination of the felafel with vegetables as well. It is fresh, crunchy, and saucy, just the perfect combination for mid-week lunch that require minimum preparation and is so much healthier.


    Mediterranean-styled Pasta Salad

    Pasta salad is always one of the simplest yet delicious lunches and salad options for regular office goers. Again, it requires minimum preparation, and boiling the pasta is the only cooking involved in the process.

    We are introducing the Mediterranean-style pasta salad because it has tomatoes, olives, cucumber, onion, fresh basil, and feta cheese tossed into the pasta. We also love the fresh vinaigrette dressing over it made from olive oil, lemon, garlic, and a hint of mustard paste or sauce for an extra kick.


    Lentils and Rice with Yogurt on the side (Khichdi)

    Khichdi is a traditional Indian dish packed with lentils and health. It is made with an almost equal ratio of lentil and rice. It is very fulfilling, yet very little on your stomach for a hectic day at work. It is packed with nutrition, and with yogurt on the side, it is a very refreshing combination.

    We like to throw in a few sticks of cucumber and tomatoes on the side for a fresh salad with simple or Greek yogurt.


    Tortilla or Chapati Wraps/Burritos

    These wraps are so easy, high in fiber and nutrition, and very filling for the regular office goers. All you have to do is either fill the tortilla or chapati with the leftover chicken curry or bake with vegetables of choice or just bake some chicken and add fresh or roasted vegetables to them.

    You can also add red beans, rice, and cheese to make a non-traditional burrito out of this wrap too. It is highly customizable and so healthy without being too oily and unhealthy.


    Paneer Skewers with Dipping sauce

    Paneer skewers are high protein, low caloric, and so delicious that you might lick your fingers off. We make these skewers by marinating the paneer overnight in yogurt, tikka masala, oil, and garlic. In the morning, we just cut tomatoes and peppers, skewer them also with paneer and grill them until they are nicely charred.

    This lunch idea requires little oil, vegetables, and literally no more them 5 minutes of grilling the skewers. We like to pack these skewers with honey mustard sauce and chili honey sauce for an extra kick.


    Roasted chicken with Fresh salad

    Roasted chicken and fresh salad are a complete meal that is fresh, high in protein and nutrition while being low in calories. We marinate the chicken beforehand and bake it in the morning. Then we cut a few of our favorite salad ingredients and dress them in a simple olive oil, lemon, and garlic vinaigrette with feta and herbs. This salad bowl with perfect for summer lunch that will beat the heat and unhealthiness.



    Lunch is more like a powerhouse for the regular office goers. Thus, we should compromise on it being so unhealthy. But not anymore; these Healthy Lunch ideas are easy to make, healthy, low in calories, and so fulfilling.

    You will feel the boost of energy all through the day and will achieve new career heights with a healthy body and healthy mind!



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