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2020 and beyond!



    2020 and beyond!


    Whenever we talk about the next decade, we only talk about how the next generation TV would look like, how will robots work, how will flying cars take over road traffic and how well will our lives be with the smartest watches, core processors and iPads. Is this going to happen or is it too good to be true? Is it mere optimism or are we going to fly to each other’s houses? The entire thought comes down to me when I sit idle, moving the Hercules toy car I had on the table, wondering as to where is our generation is leading. I know it sounds very philosophical, but the truth is that in our hearts, we know it too. Living in India, where the most diverse cultures merge, I have always thought of poverty, unemployment, and corruption as major issues, ignoring the fact that “Humanity” is the biggest issue of all. Not saying that the existence of humans is bad, but only that the harm their existence has brought to the universe is worse. I’m part of this humanity, so it’s not your fault, it’s OUR fault. The core of my thinking took me to another planet, where the glaciers weren’t melting and even if they were, the rivers not overflowing with garbage and straws, with alarming news of depleting groundwater. The toy car had now stopped, I was so engrossed in what I was thinking that my hands were shaking in anxiety, suddenly I hear the noise of overflowing water. Initially, I was surprised and started searching for where this came from, but later realized that it was me who left the tap of the bathroom open for the bucket to fill. I ran and fetched it, closed the tap and then this feeling of grief stuck in me. I was sad not only what we’ve done, but about how are we going to change so much into righteousness, after coming this far on the level of carelessness, in our daily habits like these.

    Live videos can be paused now! Isn’t that enough development for us. It was fascinating. Maybe this was something I had never foreseen, and it came to me as a happy accident to my long-standing problem of missing my favorite TV shows featuring live, when I had to grab a glass of water or something to eat or open the door when the bell rang. What I know about the upcoming years is that they’re going to be a lot of fun in such developments with automated moon bases, translators ingrained in our phones and microchips operating everything,  but only for all those who hold a good share in the society to be able to access those services, along with the resources to clutch the limited fuels and electricity. ! This is the first generation that is witnessing a transition from industry to digitalisation, looking at how customs change, impact society and human interaction. The entire visits to space and automated airplanes, always working wifi and time for no handshakes aren’t very far. You know what? When I was searching about the most prospective career options in 2025, I found an article that read about the increasing demand for solar energy technicians and psychiatrists and rehab counsellors but is it not because we’ve made a life where all these things have become presumptuous. We have. Let us not aim for something unrealistic, for clean oceans and no pollution and let us not wait for others to take a step for waste management, or for reducing carbon footprint, but instead become that others and plant a little tree, close the leaking tap, follow the pollution control rules, give up on leather bags and eventually take that local stride to make a global impact!





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