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2020 Vs. Us


    2020 Vs. Us


    2020 — A Pandemic year

    On 31st December 2019, we all were excited to welcome a new year. A year full of new ambitions, new tasks, new motivation, new determination and lots of resolutions. We wished our friends, family. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR like every year. But we were unaware of the the fact that this year could bring a lot of mishap. 

    Undoubtedly, this year is full of tragedies but instead of memorizing bad accidents of the year, we should be looking to some positive side. I know, this year is too disastrous taking millions of lives but let’s not think about that for a minute because there is always a bright side despite of all the darkness. There is hope somewhere that we’ll make it. We have made this far, we can still make it (By making social distancing obviously) but by having positive thoughts. 

    Here are few of the things 😉

    1. In this hectic world, where people hardly have time to talk to their family or friends. We actually came closer to our family, to our parents. We have realized that we are growing up and not just us, our parents our growing old (harsh reality of life). It’s finally that time when everybody’s at home (except the real heroes of society). It’s time to take care of our parent’s as much as possible, get to know them properly, sharing your stories with them and listening to their stories too. Starting with the teeny tiniest thing they like, it’s time to make them smile.
    2. We are so busy in our lives, with all the pressure of study, career. We got some time to know ourselves. We can sit with a cup of tea or coffee in our hand admiring nature from our balcony and can think about who we actually are? What we really want to do with life? This is the best time to know you, interrogate yourself. Explore and explore till you finally get an answer of what you really have interest in!
    3. We can finally give some time to our hobbies, which are the things we always wanted to do but never got enough time. They are the things which we really like to do and always there in the back our mind even if it includes sleeping. Sleeping can be a hobby too (personal experience XD). We can do whatever we really have interest in.
    4. We get to know the real meaning of HERO this year. They aren’t the ones who entertain us in movie theatres but we get to know the hero of life, the real ones. All the doctors, police officers, nurse, each and every one risking their lives for humankind. A big salute to them. Due to pandemic, we finally appreciate the efforts they make daily, for us without even objecting. COVID – 19 stopped the world but not these heroic personalities. The real HEROES indeed.
    5. Our birthdays are no more the fancy ones with grand party and all. We can celebrate our birthday with our family only, with the best people.

    At the end, I just want to say, (wash your hands) do not let negative thoughts empower you. They are just like a small canal which can easily swim through.


    Just cherish the moments we have today and be thankful for whatever things you have because somewhere out there. People are still waiting to go to their home, still looking forward for some help, still want some food to fill their bellies with. Just be grateful.




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