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3 High Range Electric Scooter

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    3 High Range Electric Scooter


    Considering the circumstances these days, people have started looking for environment-friendly yet affordable commutation options. When it comes to environment-friendly commutation for individuals, there is nothing more feasible than electric scooters. These scooters are environment-friendly, affordable and suitable to fit the commutation requirements of individuals. A lot of people are turning their attention towards these scooters to play their part against air pollution. A huge amount of pollutants that cause air pollutions is released from vehicles that run on gasoline.

    Additionally, because of ever-increasing prices of gasoline and similar fuels, electric vehicles have become a rather affordable and cheap option for commutation. However, the main concern of a lot of people before buying an electric scooter is its limited range. There was a time when electric scooter were only capable of covering a distance of only 20 to 25 miles, but things have changed a lot over time and electric scooters have seen quite an improvement.

    So, if you are looking to buy a high range electric scooter, we have some suggestions for you. Further details are given below:

    EMove Cruiser:


    e scooter emov cruiser

    EMove Cruiser.

    If you are looking for top quality, high range, and waterproof electric scooter then EMove Cruiser is definitely going to satisfy your needs. It is considered amongst some of the best electric scooters of the modern era. This scooter is definitely going to prove a value for money. The general price of this scooter is just $1399. Additionally, it can cover a distance of 62 miles or 100 kilometers easily with a single charge. You may find a considerable difference between the ideal range of an electric scooter and the real one, but according to a majority of users, the ideal range of this scooter is not far from the actual one. It has a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

    Ninebot Max:


    Ninebot Max Kickscooter.

    Are you running low on budget and just have $1000 to buy an electric scooter? However, you would definitely want to have a high range one to help you reach your destination with a single charge. We have a suggestion for you. Ninebot Max is the type of electric scooter that is capable of fitting all your needs under $1000. It is not the type of scooter if you are trying to do some need for speed on your electric scooter. However, it is definitely capable of helping you reach your destination. With a top speed of 18 miles or 30 kms per hour, it can help you cover an impressive range of 40 miles or 64 kilometers without any issue. So if you are looking for an exceptionally affordable yet efficient option, Ninebot Max is the one for you! 

    Dualtron X:


    Dualtron X Electric Scooter

    Ninebot Max Kickscooter.

    When it comes to offering absolutely matchless and longest range, nothing comes closer to a Dualtron X. With a Dualtron X, you can definitely plan to visit your aunt who lives in the suburbs of your city because it offers an impressive range of 93 miles or 150 kilometers. This scooter is not coming slow in terms of speed as well, Dualtron X can cruise with a maximum speed of 62 mph or 100 kmph.




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