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3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 5S Battery Replacement





    3 Reasons to Buy iPhone 5S Battery Replacement


    With a high-quality 64-bit processor, a better quality camera (8 megapixels) than previous models, and the first smartphone to offer a fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5S was one of the top smartphones when first released. However, with so many state-of-the-art features, it’s no surprise the battery isn’t always able to keep up. While the battery is a crucial element to your iPhone’s usage, like many other smartphone devices, there are some common problems you may come across. To help understand more, here are three main reasons you may need to Buy Iphone 5S Battery replacements.

    Battery Recall
    Due to a glitch during the manufacturing process, a few thousand iPhone 5S batteries ended up with issues causing more extended periods of time to charge or shortened battery life. Thankfully, as soon as Apple became aware of the problem, they immediately issued a recall on all the batteries affected by this difficulty. In most cases, the owners of the concerned products were contacted directly about the replacement. However, unless the phones were activated, there is still a chance a few models could be without a new replacement.

    Overheating Battery
    Like many of its predecessors, the iPhone 5S has had some complaints in regards to the battery overheating. While some reported a link between this issue and the Apple iOS 6.1.2 update, there are still a significant number of iPhone users who experience this issue.

    Excessive Battery Drain
    About every smartphone device has issues with excessive battery drain at some point, and the iPhone 5S is no exception. However, some users have resorted to solving the excessive energy drain by performing one of the following options:

    • A hard reset of their device. To accomplish this task, you need to hold down the Power and Lock buttons simultaneously until the phone restarts (typically only a few seconds).

    • Delete your Microsoft Exchange account. Once you remove your account, restart your device and re-enter the details to create another Exchange account.

    While power draining is a common occurrence, there are some ways to help boost the life of your iPhone 5S battery. These helpful tips and tricks include:

    • Change Your Brightness – The brightness feature on your phone is an excellent preference selection that allows you to see your phone screen in any situation.

    However, you should never keep your brightness setting too high. Most of the time, keeping it at 75 percent or less will allow you to view your screen without excessive draining to your battery.

    • Close Your Apps – In many situations, people do not realize just how many applications they have open on their smartphone at one time. The reason many are unaware the apps are still open is because the apps were set to remain accessible until the user officially closes them.

    • Engaging Airplane Mode – Like many smartphones, the iPhone 5S was designed to continually search for a Wi-Fi signal. Unfortunately, when you are within an area with limited coverage (or if you are not currently using your phone for Internet purposes), this will only drain your device. Therefore, you should always turn off the Wi-Fi and cellular usage by engaging Airplane Mode whenever you are not using it.

    • Turn Off Any App Refreshing or Automatic Downloading Features – While many smartphones offer the ability to automatically refresh or download apps without a user needing to intervene, this does take a significant toll on the battery life of your device.

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