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4 Ways To Avoid Facebook Marketing Failures




    4 Ways To Avoid Facebook Marketing Failures

    – Naeem Ak



    Many start-up ventures or those still new to Facebook marketing do not fully understand successful interaction with the general public. Some are still under the misconception that just spamming their links everywhere will get results. Often, it actually gets the wrong results. Following and adding friends to your network will fail if the only social interaction is to push your brand on them every single day. Likewise, timing and global awareness are very important.

    Over the last couple of years, many marketing campaigns failed because of poor attempts to make witty remarks about their brand when hijacking sensitive global discussions and invading hashtags to push their brand. Never do this. Why this fails is simple, the Facebook marketing strategy is left to itself with inexperienced social commentators, not employing common sense. Your brand needs to think more in terms of quality rather than quantity.

    Leaving your fan page with no updates or content is like leaving a VHS at the DVD rental store. It is absolutely no use to anyone and offers nothing new or interesting, simply a guaranteed failure.

    Follow these tips instead for the better chance of success in Facebook marketing:

    1. Know your target customer

    Why is McDonald’s so successful? Simply put, they understand how their customers think. Their main target is advertising to children who heavily influence parents to buy. For a quick and peaceful resolution, parents often cave in and opt to buy. Moral issues aside, this tactic works for McDonald’s, it can work for your Facebook marketing too. There is a wealth of information about your customer’s right on Facebook. Add them to your friends, read their comments, watch their wall posts, and so on. This way you can build up a dossier on each customer or fan, getting to know their habits, what they are likely to buy and when.

    2. Be available for customers

    Allow time and resources for someone to answer questions and follow up on comments.It is important to dedicate resources, if a customer called your office and no one answered, they’d go elsewhere. It is the same with Facebook. Always stay in contact with your customer for as long as possible during daily working hours or at least try to respond during the next working day.







    3. Build loyalty

    Hold contests or weekly events that offer rewards for all your Facebook fans. Giving people a reason to come back for fun is a sure-fire loyalty boost and will cause people to click on like and share your brand more with others.

    4. Hire a social media expert

    The right person for the job will be a keen and active social media user. They will know the current trends, effective methods and be involved in several social communities. Getting them on board is essential for avoiding bad public feedback, an angry backlash from the insensitive material, and cowboy half-assed marketing. Consider hiring a freelancer or network with your contacts to find a skilled social networker for a winning Facebook marketing plan.





    Author Bio :

    Naeem Ak is a social media writer at Smmpoint who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. His articles predominantly focus on social media and are widely followed by readers from all over the world.











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