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5 Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home


    5 Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home



    Our home is an extension of our personality. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that it properly reflects our preferences and speaks volumes about us. There is no point in decorating your home just like a magazine page if you don’t really feel at home in such an interior. Instead, don’t be afraid to experiment and create a unique interior that both has character and is practical. You have countless options to do exactly that and it will mostly depend on your own taste, but here are a few simple ideas that could give you the final push.

    Bring in some patterns

    An easy and inexpensive way to change the entire feel of a room is to focus on the two largest surfaces in there: the walls and the floors. Repainting all the walls can be bothersome but there is no doubt that the right shade can give a whole new atmosphere to the space. If you hate the current shade the walls are painted in, this is a necessary step in making your interior reflect your personality. But an even easier method would be introducing some patterned wallpaper. You can go for removable wallpaper if you don’t want to commit or if you’re renting the place, but rest assured, a feature wall with an eye-catching pattern will give your room character. 

    Rugs all the way

    As for the floors, if you find your current wall-to-wall carpets boring, no one’s stopping you from removing them and baring your floors underneath. A few cleverly-placed rugs not only bring in warmth with their texture but they can also define the different areas if you have a larger or open-plan room. Go for vintage rugs for an extra flair – you might even be able to pick some up at flea markets. You can even layer area rugs for an, especially interesting and unique look.

    Spice up your lighting

    Do you feel like your room is dim and dull after the sun sets? It is possible that the lighting aspect of your home is lacking, but you can remedy this situation fairly easily. Sometimes, one generic overhead light just won’t cut it. Instead, try to layer lights: bring in a few lamps and place them around the room, mix and match various sizes, and, of course, make sure your overhead light gets center stage. Once it’s time to turn on the lights, your overhead light is inevitably going to be the focal point of your room, so it’s worth splurging on that one fixture. A chandelier is a wonderful addition that can give extra character to your design if you choose right. Go for an antique one if you want to bring in some history, or some modern feature lights if you’re about that.

    Modern and practical

    But it’s not only the nighttime that we need to think about – your room needs to be functional in a stylish way when the sunny summer days come, too. Sunlight is great, but when scorching days come, it’s best to keep the extra warmth outside to save some money on our electricity bills. So, appropriate window treatments are necessary. If your room is more about that antique charm, floor-to-ceiling drapes might look great in some deep hues. At the same time, if you prefer a sleek and modern design, some motorized blinds can give you a more seamless look, with the added benefit that they are automated so you won’t have to struggle with opening and closing them, especially if you have tall windows. 

    Adding warmth

    If you still haven’t found the right feature element for your interior, you can consider adding a fireplace (or faux fireplace) to your living room. A fireplace is not only an extremely eye-catching addition that brings in so much character but it can also become the place where the whole family gravitates to on cold winter days. The sight of the flames will make the room extra warm and cozy, and you can display memorabilia on the mantelpiece. This is surely one of the more expensive projects on this list if you go for the real deal but it’s worth every penny. Alternatively, you can also DIY a faux fireplace for a similar effect and a lower price.


    A home can look perfectly fine but you might still feel like it lacks character if it doesn’t really reflect your own personality. Try these ideas and your home will gain an extra flair!