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5 Effective Tips That Help Drink Wine Without Teeth Staining


    5 Effective Tips That Help Drink Wine Without Teeth Staining


    Do you know that moderate consumption of red vine has a lot of benefits? It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, eases neurological disorders, and improves metabolism. Red wine can also improve your gut and keep your blood vessels healthy. Moreover, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and lipid-regulating properties. 

    Red wine contains tannins that can easily stick yo your teeth and make them pink or purple. You should also know that wine is an acidic drink. This means that acids in it soften the tooth enamel and make them even more prone to staining. However, don’t rush to the dentist for teeth whitening because there are a few remedies that can help you. In order to save you from a purple smile, we gathered five effective tips that can help you drink wine without teeth staining.

    1. Drink plain water

    Drinking red wine can leave an embarrassing imprint on your teeth. You may have noticed that after a glass or two of red wine, your teeth become darker. If you want to get back the natural teeth color, you can take a sip of plain water after drinking wine. You can also use sparkling water but it shouldn’t contain any acids and sweeteners. Water will wash away tannins and increase salvation. 

    2. Eat cheese

    In addition to that cheese is a perfect snack that emphasizes the taste of wine, it can also prevent the appearance of purple stains on your teeth. Hard cheese has slight abrasive properties and can remove wine leftovers from your teeth. Moreover, cheese changes the PH levels in the mouth that suppresses acids.

    You should also know that cheese is extremely beneficial to your teeth and bones. It contains calcium that makes them strong and healthy. That’s why it is a great ending of an evening with a glass of wine. 

    3. Use a wet gauze

    If you are not fond of drinking water after a wine or don’t eat cheese, you can use a wet gauze to remove stains from your teeth. Don’t forget to use it often since it would be harder to remove advanced stains. However, don’t rub your teeth too much because you can injure your gums and wears the softened tooth enamel.

    4. Chew gum

    Sugar-free gum can also be a good remedy for teeth staining. Moreover, sugar-free gum that contains xylitol can also improve your oral health. Xylitol combined with chewing gum boosts the production of saliva that helps remove plaque and food particles that stuck between teeth. Chew gum for a few minutes after drinking wine and you will not spoil your pearly whites. 

    5. Use a piece of lemon or lime

    Lemon and lime can easily remove wine stains from your teeth. They have whitening prop[erties that eliminate tannins stuck to your teeth. Take a piece of lemon or lime and rub your teeth with it. However, you should be careful and not use this tip too often since these citrus fruits contain a lot of acids. As mentioned above, acids also contribute to teeth staining and other oral issues. Another option is to add a lemon or lime juice to wares and drink it between sips of wine. 

    The bottom line

    If you want to minimize the staining effect of wine on your teeth, you can brush your teeth before drinking wine. It will help remove plaque from your teeth because it tends to hold up tannins and make your teeth darker. However, you shouldn’t brush your teeth right after drinking wine. The reality is that you can easily scratch the softened tooth enamel. This may lead to enamel erosion over time. You should also know that rose and white wine have the same acidity and can also contribute to the enamel softening.