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5 Gemstone Considerations When Purchasing a Birthstone Bracelet for Mom




    5 Gemstone Considerations When Purchasing a Birthstone Bracelet for Mom


    Whether you are purchasing gemstones for a birthstone bracelet for Mom, a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, or looking to customize an engagement ring for your proposal, gemstones can personalize any adornment you have in mind. Each of these naturally occurring stones can be cut, polished, and made into exquisite pieces of jewelry. However, before rushing out to buy the gemstone (many of which are birthstones), make sure you understand these important considerations.

    Ask Questions About Your Gem Choice
    Gemstones have unique properties. Frequently they are treated to improve color and clarity. The most common types of treatments include:

    • Beryllium Treatments
    • Diffusion Treatments
    • Fracture Filling Treatments
    • Heat Treatments
    • Irradiation Treatments

    How It Is Cut Is Important
    Unlike diamonds, colored gemstones do not have an ideal cut to maximize its brilliance. The goal of a gemstone’s cut is to expose the least amount of inclusions and to enhance the overall color. When cut correctly, the light that reflects from the gemstone will cause the color to look more vibrant and saturated, while cuts that are too shallow will produce a paler coloring.

    Not All Gemstones Are Equal
    The durability of a gemstone varies based on its specific type. For example, garnets, rubies, and sapphires work well in bracelets, cuff links, and rings. They are great options for consumers with an active lifestyle. However, other options such as emeralds, opals, and pearls are best in earrings or necklaces. This way they are in a beautiful setting, but less likely to be damaged.

    The Life Expectancy of a Gemstone Is Based on Care
    As with most treasured jewelry options, to prolong the life of your jewelry you have to provide it with proper care. While there are some universal pointers to follow, some stones have additional care options specific to the type of gem it is. For example, treated gemstones may require unique care options based on the treatment option used. Common care options include:

    • Always remove your jewelry during heavy activities with your hands. Examples could include household chores, yard work, exercising, etc.

    • Wipe your birthstone bracelet for Mom and other jewelry clean with a soft cloth every night. This cleaning will remove the daily residues that have accumulated on the jewelry.

    • Professionally clean your jewelry twice a year. Not only will this provide a more in-depth cleaning to your jewels, but it will also catch any minor maintenance issues before they become serious issues. For example, a bent prong can cause a setting to become loose, and, if left unchecked, could result in a loss of the stone.

    Understand the Mohs Scale
    The Mohs scale is used to gauge the hardness of every type of gemstone. It was created in 1812 to ascertain what type of mineral a specific stone is by using its scratch resistance. However, it is important to remember the Mohs scale is ordinal. Just because a gemstone tests a 9 (or corundum), doesn’t mean it is only slightly softer than a diamond. In fact, a diamond is around four times harder than corundum.

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