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5 Things to Do at the Age of 20 to Look Young at the Age of 40


    5 Things to Do at the Age of 20 to Look Young at the Age of 40


    According to the results of research in the field of anti-age medicine, 60% of success in preserving youth depends on your lifestyle. To preserve youth and health for many years, you need to remember simple, but very important rules that are easy and even pleasant to adhere to.

    1. Healthy Sleep

    The quality of your sleep is a guarantee not only of good health and good mood but also of preserving youth. Experts recommend going to bed before midnight (between 22:00 and 23:00). Before bedtime, according to most experts, you should not have a big dinner, take energy drinks and even be engaged in mental or physical work (since this leads to overexcitation and it makes it difficult to sleep). A quick shower or bath, as well as silence and fresh air in the bedroom, contribute to quickly falling asleep and good quality sleep.

    Among the conditions of healthy sleep, the right choice of a bed, pillows and comfortable clothes is also mentioned. Surgeons recommend rigid mattresses and low or orthopedic pillows.

    2. Stress Prevention

    Relieving stress is an important aspect of both mental and physical health. Severe stress can lead to real illness and chronic fatigue. But the modern world is full of stressful moments. Situations that cause a certain level of excitement surround us everywhere. Sometimes stress affects a person positively: maintains motivation and willingness to avoid danger. However, excessive stress can ruin your health and youth.

    To combat excessive stress, try to maintain a positive attitude in any life situation. It is worth learning to accept the fact that it is impossible to control everything. To avoid stress, some experts also recommend practicing relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, tai chi) and developing an effective time management system.

    3. Good Nutrition

    The proper nutrition system is the base of a healthy body, excellent mood, and external attractiveness. Despite the huge variety of diets that doctors recommend to their patients, there are basic rules of nutrition. By adhering to them, you can avoid most diseases and save inexhaustible pep and energy.

    First of all, you need to eat when you are hungry. Each piece of food should be thoroughly chewed. Experts recommend dividing the daily diet into 4-5 small meals instead of 2-3 large ones. It is also advised to limit one meal to 4 dishes. It is better to take fresh food while sitting in a calm atmosphere. Of course, do not forget to limit yourself harmful products like sauces, fast food, and alcohol.

    You can also periodically make fasting days. Once every few months for 2-3 days, you should drink fresh juices and eat only fresh fruits to cleanse the intestines, strengthen immunity, and refresh the skin.

    4. Physical Activity

    Lack of sufficient physical activity can lead to malfunctions in the body, various diseases, and general weakness. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to exhaust yourself with extremely complex sports loads.

    You can start acquaintance with the sport and strengthen its positive influence with the help of the Indian practice of beauty and harmony Surya Namaskar, or “Salutation to the Sun”. This is a complex of rhythmic exercises that accelerates metabolism, rejuvenates joints, and develops all muscle groups. It is suitable for both women and men.

    5. General Health

    Both mood and appearance depend on the general state of health. The best way to maintain health is through regular preventive examinations: once a year it is worth visiting a therapist, taking a general blood test and other tests that the doctor will recommend. Additionally, twice a year you should visit the dentist, gynecologist, and mammologist.

    It is also recommended to always learn something new in order to maintain the “tone” of the brain. To prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders, visit music classes and learn foreign languages.

    Do not forget about your favorite activities whether it is shopping or reading an exciting detective story. They cause the release of endorphins and adrenaline hormones that have a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. Take care of your skin and carry out other procedures that bring pleasure.