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5 Tips to Cure Vaginal Looseness





    5 Tips to Cure Vaginal Looseness

    -by Naman




    Vaginal looseness is a real and a big issue that impacts a lot of women across the world. But women are mostly very shy and do not talk about it, which leads to either ignoring the problem or putting up with it. This can sometimes have an adverse effect on sexual relationships. The main cause of vaginal looseness is childbirth, but other factors also include aging and obesity. There are many ways of tightening the vagina, and we are going to discuss a few of them here.


    Healthy Diet
    Consuming food that is high in organic phytoestrogens helps in tightening the vaginal muscles. Food items like sesame seeds, fenugreek, yarns, soybeans, carrots, and pomegranates are rich in phytoestrogens. Tailoring a diet around these food items helps you in getting enough phytoestrogens in order to tighten your vaginal muscles.

    Along with the diet, you can also workout on a few particular exercises that help in restoring the lost elasticity of the vagina. But, consistency is the key for achieving long-term results.


    • Kegel Exercise
    Kegel exercise can help make your pelvic floor muscles stronger. This exercise is all about clench and release and can be done at home on your own. First of all, find out where your pelvic floor muscles are situated. This can simply be done by stopping urination in midstream. Once you have located the muscles, tighten the contraction and then relax. Repeat a few times daily until you are comfortable and then move on to the more complicated kegel exercises. The more you exercise the better results you get.


    • Vaginal Cones
    Vaginal cones are another good option to tighten up vagina. These cones come in different weights and sizes. All you have to do is insert these cones inside your vagina and perform the exercise for about 15 minutes, twice a day. Insert the vaginal cone properly and squeeze it with the help of pelvic floor muscles, so it can be held in place. Begin the light-weight cone and when you get comfortable with it, use a heavier one. The heavier cones help in better firming up of the muscles. It requires a lot of efforts and can take time as well, but the result will be huge.


    • Yoga
    If practiced regularly, yoga can give you very significant benefits. The exercises related to the contraction and expansion of pelvic muscles help in the tightening of the vagina. These exercises can be done by anyone and at the comfort of your home. The most effective poses for vaginal tightening are the Bridge pose and the Child pose. This also is another physical exercise and can take time to learn and show the effect.


    • Vaginal tightening cream
    Vaginal tightening creams work by tightening the vagina, while also strengthening vaginal muscles. Most of these creams are made with all natural ingredients and work really fast. These creams show very effective results in less time. You can get back into the sack right away without having to wait for a long time as with other methods.


    Vaginal tightening creams have been in the market for quite a long time and that’s only because they work and are proven to be effective when used as prescribed. It is guaranteed that you will have a tighter vagina and feel sexier in no time.








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