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5 Yoga Myths you must be aware of!




    5 Yoga Myths you must be aware of!


    Yoga has successfully caught up the fancy of many fitness enthusiasts these days. People from all over the world have become aware of the advantages of Yoga, thanks to its popularity. In fact the celebration of Yoga International Day on 21st June has marked a beginning of new “yogic health” which has worked effectively in creating awareness about Yoga all over the world.
    Where Yoga is evolving as a continual workout for many people, there are various myths that have been associated with the practice Yoga. Let us discuss them here and try to broaden our knowledge on the subject.


    5 myths associated with Yoga:

    1. Yoga can be done only by those with flexible bodies:
    One needs to understand that it is not the flexibility that generates Yoga but the reversal! It is when we do Yoga our body gains immense flexibility to continue through the life. We should practice Yoga to keep the flexibility of our body intact.

    2. Power Yoga or Hot Yoga can change your appearance in no time:
    Yoga is about sustainability. With the modernisation it has adopted several forms which have become popular among this generation. Hot Yoga and Power Yoga being two of them! Both of these Yoga practices deal with the pace of performing some selected postures and sometimes adopting the musical beats to keep your heart pumping for more. There is an ongoing myth that you tend to lose weight faster with these practices. However we want to tell our readers that Yoga in any form will bring you desired results. You just need to be persistent with the efforts. Yoga in its utmost natural form even strengthens your muscles and joints along with twisting and churning the flab around your muscles. Therefore, adopt Yoga in any form and be regular. You will start seeing the results soon.

    3. No Yoga in Pregnancy:
    Although we may see many videos and CDs of pregnant celebrities who share their experiences of pregnancy and motherhood, yet there are people who believe that Yoga during pregnancy can cause difficulties for the womb and the mother. We need to upgrade our knowledge; Yoga is the best form of exercise during pregnancy. In fact pregnant women MUST practice Yoga for letting the maximum amount of oxygen to reach her child through inhale and exhale. There are forms of Yoga that you need to adopt as per your comfort. Seek help of some Yoga Guru or information websites where you will get to know what type of Yoga practices are good for you during pregnancy. It is a great gift of exercising that you will give to your child through Yoga.

    4. Yoga is for specific Hindu culture:
    Do we all become French when we listen to some French music? Do we all become Western when we dance on Hollywood numbers? Just like that we do not become Hindus when we do Yoga. It is a pure form of exercise free from any cultural boundaries. It is true that it originated from the roots of Hindu culture, but world is the unison of various cultures. We should adopt and respect the goodness of all cultures instead of forming some negative opinions.

    5. Yoga can be learnt from Yoga guide books:
    The information has been flowing so freely these days that we believe that Yoga can be learnt from anywhere. However, if you are a beginner, you will never be able to learn the true forms of Yoga unless someone is there to correct your postures. You need to be watched upon and therefore, practice Yoga cannot be learnt from the books.