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7 Mistakes You Should Avoid With Your Air Conditioner (AC)

    AC mistakes

    7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Air Conditioner


    Summer is making new records every new summer season, and we can say climate change is real. With the rise of global warming, there is a rise in the monthly bill. Here we will discuss the mistakes you’re making with your Air Conditioner (AC), which leads to low efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.

    “It is a fact that if your AC is badly maintained, it can become contaminated with microorganisms that can be harmful in inhalation, asthma problems and allergies are common problems.” – expert says.

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    Some common mistakes you make with your AC, a small adjustment that would be the most beneficial for your health as well as your finance.

    Mistake No. 1: You do not change or clean AC filters.

    If your AC is running all the time, then you should change the filter once every three months. The dirty and contaminated lead to low airflow or freezing up your unit’s evaporator coil. A dirty filter can increase your monthly bill from 5% to 15% and also shorten your whole system’s lifespan.

    You can wipe off the filter with a rag if you have a split AC unit as there is a removable panel.

    7 AC mistakes you should know

    Mistake No. 2: You do not service your AC annually

    If you can get your AC serviced with an expert once a year, or you can check a tutorial to service your AC by yourself, to run the AC unit efficiently. It is always advisable to maintain your AC, and with the help of an AC expert repair, you can get the best out of your AC.

    Mistake No. 3 You Don’t Use any Programmable Thermostat.

    Before leaving the house, I always used to forget to adjust the thermostat. But, now I have a programmable thermostat which automatically raises the temp whenever you leave the house, or you are away from home. It is beneficial if you want to save a lot of electricity bill. “smart” thermostats, which are very new in the market are also phone-controllable, can give you a more straightforward programming experience.

    Mistake No. 4: You don’t get the complete benefits of Fans

    Fans can remove some of the load from AC, as it can circulate the cold air throughout the room. In summer days if you run ceiling fans counterclockwise, then it will promote ample airflow.

    7 AC mistakes

    Mistake No. 5 Your did not perfectly position your Thermostat and Vents

    Another possibility is that that the sun or a closer light source shoots your AC regulator for enormous bits of the day, that could deviate its readings and cause it to screw up your AC although your place is charmingly cool. Particularly when you’re not using the AC, you may not understand your AC framework is doing all the same work for past 40 hours only due to a lost indoor regulator, Braun says. 

    If you block AC vents with furniture or draperies then that can too restrict the expected air flow. Except if you spend a great deal of energy wasted under your couch, you should be sure that  your AC vents are unhindered. 

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    Mistake No. 6 You Cool Empty Rooms Often

    If AC vents are open in each room of your home, you’re cooling a lot of genuine estates that may not be being used in a relaxed position. Stroll around and close those AC vents that open onto empty rooms. Likewise, shutting wardrobe entryways guarantee those spaces aren’t gulping your virus air. 

    Mistake No. 7: You Don’t Use Blinds Or Curtains 

    Splendid daylight is your AC framework’s adversary. By shutting blinds and sliding shades to obstruct the sun’s beams, you’ll likewise shield your space from the sun’s warmth, specialists state.


    I hope you find this article very helpful and cleared your doubt and also provide you with a valuable suggestion. If you want to learn more about this, check our free guide Best AC in 2020.



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