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7 Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car During Winters





    7 Tips to Take Good Care of Your Car During Winters


    When you’ve been driving for a long period, you tend to take your car for granted. You expect it to offer faithful service every day on the road and run smoothly every time you start the ignition. However, when the weather conditions change, your car might find it difficult to cope with the challenges of winter and thus, it are important to shower it with some extra love and care. We bring you the top 7 tips to keep your car healthy and happy even in the extreme winters of Canada.

    1. Light up the Way
    One of the major troubles in winter is the early setting sun, reducing visibility on the way back home. It is important to ensure that your car provides the brightest possible illumination to avoid any mishaps. If you notice any bulb is not working, make sure to fix it before the arrival of winter. Before you start driving, check the lights and if there is snow covering any exterior lights, remove it. Also, if car headlights are foggy or yellow, consider replacing them or opt for a restoration kit.

    2. Invest in Winter Tires
    Getting all-weather tires is not the same as getting special winter tires. Whether you have a four-wheel drive, front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive, installing winter tires before the temperature drops are important for your safety. When the Province of Quebec made it mandatory to use winter tires, the number of accidents reduced by 20%. This should be enough inspiration for Alberta residents to opt for a change.

    3. Keep it Full
    Two things to keep full during winters are your gasoline and washer fluid. When your gas tank is full, there are fewer chances of accumulated water freezing inside and also, it will keep your engine running if you get stuck and need to stay warm. Many times, you might notice a salty spray on your windscreen or debris from a snowstorm while driving. At such times, you will need washer fluid to constantly wash your window to be able to see where you’re going.

    4. Shovel in the Boot
    When heading out in freezing conditions, be prepared to encounter snow everywhere you go. When you carry a shovel, you can dig your way to safety easily. Not carrying a shovel might lead your car to be stuck in a drift-laden verge.

    5. Climate Control
    Before winters set off in full swing, make sure the climate control and defroster in your car are working properly. The climate control will keep you warm and the defroster will ensure a clear and unobstructed view while driving in snowy conditions.

    6. Park Wise
    If you want your car to start easily every morning in cold and damp weather conditions, consider a strategic car parking. It is best to park it under cover so that it remains warm and dry. If not, try to park it beside a tall hedge or in the lee of your home, so that it is protected from all elements and you won’t have to do too much ice-scraping before you start out.

    7. Use It or Lose It
    You might be tempted to skip using your car altogether to avoid winter troubles. However, not using it will increase your problems and bring out more trouble for you. Take your car out for a long run at least once a week if you don’t use it on a daily basis. This way, you won’t have to deal with seized brakes or a flat battery, the most common causes of concern for long-standing cars in winters.

    These tips will help you maintain your car’s health in cold weather and ensure a smooth and safe driving experience.

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