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8 Tips for Storing Your Custom Mom Necklace





    8 Tips for Storing Your Custom Mom Necklace


    Whether you’ve purchased a diamond ring, a Custom Mom Necklace, or are storing heirloom jewelry; it is essential to care for your jewelry in the best way possible. Unlike other items in your home, jewelry requires special treatment, and it is important to acknowledge there are things that, over time, can damage these crucial pieces. To help keep your precious treasures safe, remember these eight helpful tips.

    Don’t Store Dirty Jewelry
    Before you store your jewelry, make sure to clean it. Storing filthy jewelry can damage both the dirty jewelry and other pieces within proximity of it. Before storing, you should wash and thoroughly dry each piece of jewelry.

    Store Your Items In the Appropriate Atmosphere
    Different types of jewelry are susceptible to damage such as premature discoloration, tarnishing, or evening cracking. To prevent this destruction, you should never store your jewelry in:

    • Cold and Drafty Closets
    • Direct Sunlight
    • Extreme Temperatures
    • High Humidity
    • Hot and Stuffy Attics
    • And More

    For proper care, you should always keep your jewelry in a location at room temperature with low humidity.

    Choose a Soft Lining With Space for All Items
    With a vast array of jewelry organizers from hard plastic, to metal, to wooden options, you always want to choose an option with a soft fabric lining to help avoid damaging the metal or gemstones. There should be enough space in the box to store each of your jewelry pieces without clumping any of them together. Not only can clumped items of jewelry damage one another, but it can also be a nightmare to sort through.

    Use Hooks
    Whether you are using an armoire or a box, always ensure you place your necklaces on hooks. To avoid knots and kinks from occurring, you should hang each specific chain vertically. If you do not have a jewelry box with hooks, there are plenty of do-it-yourself methods for creating a place for your bracelets and necklaces. However, it is significant to know which pieces should be stored flat to avoid placing a strain on options that can break (for example, accessories using silk string).

    Know Your Jewelry
    Different gemstones and metals require separate care techniques. For instance, extreme heat will alter the coloring of amethysts, opals are sensitive to pressure, and peridots can be affected by perspiration. Therefore, it is essential to know the exact stones and metal of your jewelry pieces to ensure the best care.

    Store Each Item Separately
    To prevent scratching, you should never store items where they can rub up against one another. Different gems have different ranks on the Mohs scale (the measurement used to determine the hardness of the gemstone); and when one is ranked higher than another, the lower-rated gem can be damaged by the higher-ranked stone.

    Keep Your Valuables Safe
    Although it is critical to store your jewelry in a dry and appropriate temperature, you also want to keep your rings, custom mom necklace, and other jewelry safe. To help prevent theft, always keep your most valuable items organized in a locked and concealed location and, to add additional protection, add insurance to all of your precious pieces.

    Separate Your Metals
    Just like gemstones have different levels of hardness, metals have different densities. When softer metal options come into contact with a denser metal, it will damage the more delicate metal option. Plus, specific metals can require additional care options (for example, silver needs to have anti-tarnish strips to prevent it from turning green from sulfur gases).

    Finding the perfect jewelry piece is only half the battle. Once you have the jewelry, the next step is to secure proper storage, ensuring that it stays pristine. For further tips on how to care for your specific jewelry items, message the experts at Loveable Keepsake Gifts today!

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