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80 Lowers and Stripped Lowers and Assembled Lowers, Oh My!




    80 Lowers and Stripped Lowers and Assembled Lowers, Oh My!


    Have you heard of 22mods4all? No? Well, then you’re missing out! 22mods4all is a family owned and operated company that focuses on selling quality-made Ar15 parts and accessories at low, affordable prices. As gun enthusiasts themselves, they found it difficult to try and find the parts they needed at affordable prices, yet also high-quality. So, they set out on a mission to be the number one provider of the widest assortment of high-quality Ar15 parts and accessories for everyone! They know how difficult it can be to have to search all over the Internet for the exact parts needed. There are so many options out there; it can be hard to find the best part for your specific application. That is why they offer a variety of parts on their website, and all sourced from the USA.

    One of their available options is lower receivers. 22mods4all offers a variety of lower receivers to choose from. If you need a Stripped Lower Receiver, they have it! Their stripped lower receivers come with tension, bolt catch, and take down allen screws for added stability. All of the components are 100% USA made and ready to be assembled with your complete upper!

    Perhaps you’re more interested in an 80% lower receiver. 22mods4all has that too! Choose from their options and pick the best for you! Whether you want something that offers a bit more in accessories or something that is cheaper in price and offers the basic attachment you need, 22mods4all has all the options you need. Even better yet, the 80% lower receivers are all made in the USA and, since these lowers are only 80% complete, you don’t need an FFL (Federal Firearms License). You will, however, need to complete the lower yourself in order to attach it to your upper, but as active shooters, who doesn’t like to get their hands a little dirty every once in a while? Perhaps you can even turn it into a teaching moment and show your friends how to turn an 80 lower in one that can be attached to your rifle!

    If those options don’t sound like what you’re looking for, 22mods4all has assembled lower receivers that might better suit your needs. Starting at a low price of $149 and ending at a higher, yet still affordable, price of $209, their assembled lower receivers have everything you need to attach it to your upper for a complete assembly that you’ll be proud of! All of their assembled lowers are Scorpion Armaments, require an FFL for purchase, and come with tension, bolt catch, and take down allen screws for extra stability and wobble elimination!

    Now that you’ve heard of all the different kinds of lowers you can get at 22mods4all, let me tell you about their other products. They also have firearm kits and bundles that are a dream come true! They’ve got handguards and rails, grips, optics, magazines, barrels, and more! Whatever you need, they have it! No more wasted time spending hours searching the wide, wide web for the AR parts you need; 22mods4all is your one-stop-shop for Ar15 parts and accessories they know you’ll love. So, head on over to their website and check out their huge selection of products. You’re guaranteed to find something you love or something you need. And, who better to purchase from than a company that understands your individual AR 15 needs and desires.

    Order your parts and kits today or contact them and let them help you find the exact parts you’re looking for to make your shooting experience the best it’s ever been!

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