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9 Foods That Dentists Never Consume

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    9 Foods That Dentists Never Consume


    The foods you eat can tell a lot about your overall and dental health. There are certain foods and drinks, especially those rich in sugar, that can lead to a host of problems. They can provoke a buildup of plaque that stains your teeth leading to tooth discoloration, dental cavities, and even periodontal disease. 

    But there are things you can do now, besides regular tooth brushing, flossing, and timely visits to the dental office that will help you avoid or reverse dental problems. Let’s look at some foods that dentists avoid to maintain optimal oral health:

    1. Dried Fruit 

    Despite being rich in fiber, dried fruit is a disaster for your teeth. They’re not only high in sugars but also are extremely sticky and sit into the grooves of your molars provoking cavities.

    2. Granola Bars 

    Though granola bars might be rich in fiber and minerals, they’re awful for dental hygiene and not as healthy as you may think. They contain too much sugar which is not good for your teeth.

    Some brands also coat their granola bars with chocolate or additional sugars for extra crunch, so it’s twofold, where you have the potential to break teeth as well as break down enamel with sugars.

    3. Energy Drinks 

    Energy drinks may give you a boost but they can provoke dehydration, increase your heart rate, and provoke headaches and mood swings. They’re also bad for your dental health. Energy drinks are extremely acidic and contain too much sugar. 

    4. Popcorn 

    A countless number of people crack their teeth due to eating half-popped popcorn kernels.

    Popcorn husk is notorious for finding its way in between teeth and causing gum and tooth pain as well.

    5. Peanut Butter 

    Peanut butter is good for heart health as it contains healthy fats, but that classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich isn’t such a good idea for your teeth. 

    Each of these ingredients often contains added sugar. If you like this treat, look for peanut butter with no added sugar and drink plenty of water. If possible, brush your teeth or chew gum with Xylitol afterward to wash away sticky sugar from your teeth.

    6. BBQ meats 

    BBQ meats are usually dressed with sticky red sauces that turn everything delicious but they can lead to cavities. Barbecued meats such as spare ribs are one of the worst foods for your teeth due to the caramelized sugars contained in the sauce

    Plus, you have the potential to crack your teeth on parts of the meat that might have over-caramelized, and the extra sugar is never good.


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    7. Sweet Coffee Drinks 

    Extra-large cups of coffee that contain extra pumps of sweet syrup are a nightmare for your teeth. Constant exposure to milk and sugar makes it difficult for the saliva to fight the sugars and acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth. 

    Saliva works to protect your teeth, and with the constant sugar attacks from taking sips of sugary drinks, over time the salivary glands fail to work well. 

    8. Chocolate Raisins 

    Chocolate raisins might be one of your favorite movie snacks, but they’re not healthy at all. Interestingly, chocolate alone is less harmful than raisins.

    The sugar content is higher and the sticky raisins tend to get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, while the chocolate is just kerosene for the fire.

    9. Canned Fruit

    Canned fruit might seem healthy since it has “fruit” in the name. While fruit is usually considered a healthy food, fruit in a can is not as healthy as you’d think. If it’s full of syrup and coated in sugar, then these options become just one step removed from candy. If you like canned fruit, opt for fruit that contains no added sugar and is packaged in juice and not syrup.


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