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A Beef Brisket Spice Rub for Perfect Smoked Brisket


    A Beef Brisket Spice Rub for Perfect Smoked Brisket



    The taste of smoked meat is especially delicious when it is prepared with a great spice rub. Luckily at Casa M Spice Co?, there are experts that have crafted delicious spice blends for all kinds of meats that will make your barbecue better than ever.



    With spice blends that have been crafted through experimentation for nearly two decades and that combine the influence of Cajun, Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, you get a great combination of sweetness, spice and savory sensations that make the flavor that much better.

    First and foremost, flavor is of the greatest importance when preparing barbecue and that should come from the meat first. When you eat barbecue, you don’t want to just taste the seasoning and have a dry and bland cut of meat, you want the meat to hold the natural flavors and be juicy and succulent.

    With Casa M Spice Co?, the Beef Brisket Spice Rub is made with paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, onion and ground chiles to bring all of these great flavors together. But it is also in the way that you cook your brisket that can make all the difference too.

    Preparing brisket is a process and requires some time for preparation and time for cooking. You can get the best results by doing a dry brine for the meat that locks in flavor. Take your prime cut of meat, sprinkle with salt and then apply your beef brisket spice rub. Then cover the meat in a plastic container and let sit for anywhere between two hours to overnight, allowing the seasoning to adhere to the meat and create a barrier.

    When you are done with the dry brine step, you can start cooking. If you choose to prepare the brisket on the grill, it can change the process somewhat, but usually the smoker is the place to prepare mouth-watering brisket.

    Using wood chunks or chips in your smoker is the place to start and you can use a combination of woods to help enhance the flavor. Oak, hickory, mesquite and apple are all good choices when smoking meats. Once you have let the smoker heat to the proper temperature, you can prepare to insert the meat. When the meat is placed in the smoker, you can reduce heat to 225 degrees and then begin the cooking process.

    The cooking process for brisket is lengthy, estimated at an hour per pound. It all depends on the size of the meat, but you can reasonably expect it to take 10-12 hours. Patience is required as you let the meat slowly cook and maintain the temperature.

    When the cooking process is complete, you can remove the brisket from the smoker and either serve immediately or place it in a cooler so it maintains temperature while you wait to serve it.

    What can make brisket stand apart from the rest of your standard barbecue fare is how crisp the outside of the meat gets from the beef brisket spice rub and how tender the inside becomes. The amount of natural juices from the meat is what really makes the flavor, so preparing it slowly becomes worth the wait when you taste it for the first time.

    To get the best spice rubs for any and all of your barbecue, turn to Casa M Spice Co? to get unique blends that will take your barbecue dishes to the next level and keep your entire family talking. Flavor makes great food and great food makes for great memories. Share in the great memories you can have over your barbecue with the help of Casa M Spice Co?.

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