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A Career in Designing – Did you Made the Right Choice?


    A Career in Designing – Did you Made the Right Choice?

    by tanya


    We all aspire to be something in life. For me, your choice should never be affected by the monetary aspects of job. Think of your passion and interest before anything else for they will take you ahead in life.

    Most of us are not able to get the required exposure or platform to showcase our talents or what if we don’t really know where to head.

    Don’t worry folks! I‘ll get you through this.

    If there is a creative side of yours and you are thinking to start a career in designing then let me tell you it’s perfect.

    Slowly and gradually you will achieve what you aspire. No matter what is your field right now or how inexperienced you are. It is possible to find your place as a designer.


    Qualities you would need as a Designer    

    Manage your time

    Take it as an essential quality for you to gain advantage in this competitive industry. You must know how to manage your time and reach out your goals without affecting the quality of your work.

    Designing is all about being creative which is why you need to be quick and unique at the same time.  Also, when you have a little pressure on you this quality will be your shield. The key to stand out from the crowd is never compromise from the quality of your work.

    Stay up-to-date

    Being in a creative field, the most important thing is to keep you updated with all the trends and changes in the market. Trust me; being a creative writer myself, I have to keep refreshing my mind from all the latest trends.

    I would say this is not just about designing; whichever field you choose, improving on your knowledge will always benefit you and help you make your profile distinct from the others. Your skills will automatically reflect on your work once you start improving them.  

    Be Creative

    Creativity is at the heart of designing be it graphics, fashion, textile, product, animation, jewellery or any other form.  You need to present the creative side of yours and your designs should be different from what others have to offer.

    Try to think out of the box whenever working on a project and create designs which are artistic and yet classy. This will come slowly and gradually so you do not need to rush initially. I would suggest you to stay focused and make use of your strengths.

    A Team Player 

    Well, initially you might have to work with a group of designers to polish your skills and gain some experience. Now, this can be a bit difficult for people who do not like to work under people and rather like to be their own boss.

    Working in a team will make you deal with work pressures and coordinate with people for different projects and assignments. Getting an official degree is not enough professionalism comes with the overall development of the personality and a positive character.

    Additional Requirements

    If you are starting with your designing career be clear of the fact that education is not the only thing but yes, it will help you to gain the required skills and work efficiency for you to work as a designer in any field you want.

    Usually, aspirants pursue Bachelor of Design (graduation degree) of 3 years to kick start their career from different colleges. However; with time, things have evolved and now there are many short-term courses to cater to your designing needs and that too in a short span of time.

    Many diploma and advance diploma courses of 6 months to 1 year make it convenient for students who do not wish to study for 3 consecutive years. This is on you to decide which way you wish to start your education.

    What Career Options you have?

    After completing your educational degree you can either work as a freelance designer or a full-time designer in a private or government company. Areas such as hotels, fashion media, boutiques and manufacturing units offer jobs to designers on different salary scales. It also depends on the area of your expertise and the skills you possess.

    Expert Advice

    Being a designer, you will create various designs everyday and showcase the same to people which makes it extremely important for you to protect them through design registration and make sure that no one misuses them. This will help you to own the artistic work legally.





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