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A Profile of 5 Fantastic Dessert Vape Juice Flavors by Velvet Cloud



    A Profile of 5 Fantastic Dessert Vape Juice Flavors by Velvet Cloud


    Flavor seekers unite! In the world of vaping, flavor is queen; no matter how you got into vaping, we all stay for the incredible possibilities that vapor can bring to our palate. One of the most popular genres of vapor juice flavor is Dessert Vape Juice, which blends sweet, tangy, and tart flavors into rich clouds of delicious goodness that have earned a reputation for being the best-smelling and best-tasting flavors on the market. Many non-vapers get into vaping after trying a friend’s dessert vape juice flavor. With that in mind, we’ve decided to build a quick profile of 5 flavors by one of our favorite juice makers: Velvet Cloud. Without further ado, check out these amazing dessert flavors:

    1. Night Shift
    Unfortunately for those of us who love rich sweets, the options can be a little sparse on the general market. Flavors generally categorized as “rich” tend to be associated with the classic tobacco flavors, which, while wonderful in their own right, don’t satisfy the sweet tooth in us. For rich, sweet flavors, you need Night Shift. Categorized by a smooth and deeply rich vapor, Night Shift blends coffee, cream, and chocolate flavors together to create an unmatched flavor profile that will make your sweet tooth sigh in happiness. The secret lies in Velvet Cloud’s commitment to using 100% VG formulas, which produce smooth, heavy vapor with little to no throat hit.

    2. Vanilla Custard
    When most people think of desserts that would translate well into dessert vape juice, most people don’t think of custard. Somehow, though Velvet Cloud has managed to strike gold, successfully blending the smooth sweetness of vanilla with the creamy thickness of custard. In truly innovative form, Velvet Cloud has again struck out into the unknown and returned with an incredible sensory hit.

    3. Frosted Gingerbread
    It’s not common that you find a vape juice that will have you reminiscing about the holidays of the past and the celebrations of years to come, but the Frosted Gingerbread e-juice by Velvet Cloud is quite simply festive to its essence. Bringing a skillful blend of spice, cookie dough, and sweet cream frosting, Frosted Gingerbread manages to capture the sensation of smelling cookies as they come out of the oven and tasting them moments later; with Frosted Gingerbread juice you can have your cookie and eat it, too.

    4. Melonomenon
    Velvet Cloud’s Melonomenon is the refreshing summer vape juice we’ve all been searching for. With the tastes of honeydew, cucumber, and peach, Melonomenon is delightfully light and cooling without relying wholly on the sharp sensations generally associated with menthol-based juices. Like drinking fresh melonade on the back porch back home, Melonomenon is perfect if you’re looking for something to help keep yourself feeling cool and relaxed this summer.

    5. Summer Sweet
    Now that we’ve got summer on the mind, it’s worth mentioning Velvet Cloud’s Summer Sweet mixture. Not only does Summer Sweet include hints of delicious watermelon and raspberry, but it’s also built on the solidly sweet foundation of sweet tea. Truly a Southern Summer-inspired mixture, Summer Sweet will have you smiling, transported back to those long midsummer days where nothing was better than a cool glass of iced tea and a spot in the shade.

    If you’re as enticed by these flavors as we have been, swing over to Velvet Cloud’s webpage, where you’ll find unmatched mixtures for desserts and more. The VC team is impressively devoted to the creation of unique vape juices that focus on capturing genuine tastes and memories into the incredible medium that is vapor.

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