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A Whole New World of E-Juice Flavors



    A Whole New World of E-Juice Flavors


    E-juice is an exciting thing to sell, and here at Velvet Cloud, we absolutely love our jobs. We get to come up with the craziest concoctions of all time, constantly tweaking and perfecting our juice until we’ve hit gold. When you’re buying from us, you’re buying from a business that’s built our following from sheer flavor! Our fans are loyal, and that’s because they know that we deliver! When we come up with a new juice, we want to embody a unique flavor that other brands simply haven’t thought of. Every single flavor that we sell has been a huge success, largely because of how much we care. We don’t mess around with low quality ingredients, and we certainly don’t skimp on the creativity. Heck, even the art we use to advertise each item is neater than any other e-juice bottle you’ll find! Yep, we’re a class act, and super humble, too! Okay, we’re not humble, but you’ll see why when you try one of our e-juices!

    There’s a certain art to creating an e-juice that hasn’t been made before. You have to think above and beyond, and you really can’t be lacking in that department. For instance, why settle for Vanilla when you could be vaping Vanilla Custard? Dessert Flavored Vape Juice has always been a fan favorite, and honestly, it’s a favorite of Velvet Cloud, too. We love to make dessert flavors that aren’t as commonly found, and we always want to be the first to come up with a great concept. Why bother trying to make the same boring coffee e-juice that everyone shoots for? Nah. Too easy! Instead, we’ve combined the robust flavor of coffee with the elegant and filling flavor of a chocolate donut. When you shop with us, dessert flavored vape juice isn’t just abundant, it’s fantastic.

    Why stop at dessert? We’ve never been one to skip dinner! Check out our savory selection, too! With the Tobacco Trio, you can try three pleasantly savory flavors, all meant to bring you back to your favorite local smoke shop. It’ll taste like your favorite cigar, and then some! There’s something to be said about heading to your roots, and we can’t think of anything closer than bringing that beautiful tobacco flavor back to e-juice! So many people try to emulate the taste of a solid cigar, but they fall short. Perhaps that’s because they forgot to add some fresh blackberry and blueberry flavor into the mix? Well, we’ll let you browse and see for yourself, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we’ve come up with.

    You know what’s tough in the vaping industry? Finding flavors that are clean. So many businesses put absurd additives into their juice, making it taste, well, gross. We steer away from the artificial and use fresh ingredients, making our e-juice some of the cleanest around! All natural materials, VG juice, and we could just go on and on about the quality. We’d love for you to try some, too! Check out our selection today, and see which is perfect for you!

    As if a business with great products isn’t good enough, we also have to brag about our customer service. We want every single person that goes through Velvet Cloud to have a pleasant story to tell, and we’ll stop at nothing to bring you fantastic service. If you have a question about Velvet Cloud or any specific product, feel free to reach out! We’ll make sure that you get the answers you need and send you on your way with the product that suits you best! Check us out today, and let’s see what Velvet Cloud can do for you!

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