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Amit Bhatnagar Leads India’s Growth With Power Transmission And Distribution Superpower

    Amit bhatnagar vadodara




    Amit Bhatnagar Leads India’s Growth With Power Transmission And Distribution Superpower



    Amit bhatnagar vadodara



    Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd (Dicabs) is one of the largest and fully-integrated transmission and distribution equipment manufacturers in India.

    Led by Amit Bhatnagar (Managing Director), the company has a skilled team of the best engineering and management minds, whose cross-domain knowledge has allowed Dicabs to become an industry leader.

    Recognizing the country’s growing power needs, Dicabs has evolved as a fully-integrated T&D power portfolio. With the world becoming a global village, the Vadodara-based Dicabs has strengthened its position by developing indigenous capabilities and making strategic acquisitions. As the nation’s growth surged, it emerged as one of the fastest growing cable companies in India.

    Over the last four decades the company has delivered over 50,00,000 km of cabling to clients worldwide. It now brings the same technological expertise and a comprehensive range of high quality fire retardant cables.

    In addition, Amit Bhatnagar has successfully set up fully-integrated manufacturing units in Gujarat, with in-house facilities for producing products, such as core laminations, wire drawing, strip mill, winding and in-house transformer oil refinery.

    Amit Bhatnagar has established Dicabs (Vadodara) on the foundation of quality and excellence. It is one of the most respected names in the power industry with products that include – transmission & distribution conductors, LV power & control cables, HV & EHV Cables, power & distribution transformers and transmission towers and EPC contracts.

    Expertise gained with over four decades of experience in a dynamic industrial environment, enables the company to deliver cables that deliver superior performance. These cables carry the assurance of the internationally-approved quality and reliability.

    The company lays quality on utmost priority, with stringent quality systems and measures at every stage of the manufacturing process. The entire range of products quality-tested and hailed by leading organizations which include:

    • Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore
    • Electrical Research and Development Association, Vadodara