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Architecture and Urbanism Course





    Architecture and Urbanism Course


    Usually when we are finishing high school, there is already a concern in our head: What kind of graduation do? That is the question that many high school students are asking themselves. Finding a type of degree that is first within your financial budget and profile are the most important steps in choosing. Many do not know what they will find in the course of Architecture and Urbanism. Which is a normal doubt, because as this segment has been going through several updates, it is normal that changes happen. Thinking about this, we decided to create this article, to clarify what to expect from the Course of Architecture and Urbanism.


    I understand better the course of Architecture and Urbanism

    First we need to understand what this professional will be able to do at the end of the course. Create environment, plan a working method for each environment and elaborate detailed plans. This is one of the objectives of the professional of the course of architecture and urbanism. In addition to establishing the best materials for your project, lighting and ventilation issues. The Architect and Urbanist is also linked to the growth of cities, municipalities. The expansion of urban areas is mainly due to the intervention and methods employed by the urbanist professional.


    Course of Architecture and Urbanism – Introduction to Architecture

    Usually when we start the course of Architecture and Urbanism we come across quite a theoretical part. However, it is necessary to take into account that the course addresses several important topics, listed below:


    Course of Architecture and Urbanism – Architectural Design

    It is one of the most important segments of the Architecture and Urbanism Course, if not the most important. You will need to know and learn how to develop and create projects. Surely you must have heard or seen plants with dimensions, scales correct? The specification of facades, elevations and other types of structures are part of the architectural design. Then with all certainty, the Architectural Design will be your base for the Architecture and Urbanism Course.


    Course of Architecture and Urbanism – Topography

    The topography is not only important but vital for the urban planner. In this module, students will learn a little more about the type of soil and the area where projects are developed. Why is it important? Well, you would not build a building in an area that did not offer primarily a favorable topography would it? That is why topography is one of the main aspects covered in the course.


    Course of Architecture and Urbanism – Construction Standards

    Not only the building lives the architect. It is necessary to live with the rules. And many of them can be a hindrance in the performance of a work or project. This is why we call it ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). They are important in order to be able to determine if that type of work is within acceptable standards, so that it does not harm the environment or the place where they will be located.


    Architecture and Urban Planning Course – Supervised Internship

    One of the most expected points for the students of the course of architecture and urbanism. The supervised internship can sometimes be the last step before your training. And it will be at this stage, where you will put into practice everything you have learned during the course. The Internship is fundamental because it brings the student closer to the real conditions of architecture and urbanism. After months, even years, you will be able to put into practice the way you work, absorb knowledge and especially create a profile.


    Try to make the most of your internship, and learn from people who are more experienced and experienced in this field than you. Seizing opportunities and gaining experience is key to becoming a professional graduate and ready for the job market.


    Architecture and Urbanism Course – Final Thoughts

    These were some points of what you can expect from your course in architecture and urbanism. It is worth mentioning that the area of architecture is huge, full of possibilities and much study. There are several colleges in Brazil today, with the most varied prices to help you get into the institution as quickly as possible. You can also supplement your studies with alternative courses. They will greatly help to “supplement” issues that were not addressed in the course of architecture and urbanism.


    Is that you? You have already decided if you really want to do this type of course. Do you have any opinion on the subject and would you like to share with our team? Leave in the comments what you found and we will debate a little about!











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