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As Time Rules


    As Time Rules

    -by Ishika


    One thing that rules all of us is the concept of time, there is much debate on whether time is an illusion or an actual physical element like space, but conceptualizing time into a simpler idea is understanding its power over us and weaving the fabrics of reality.

    Time runs on an objective level for us to relate to but also reaches to fulfill the subjectivity in the context of human nature and actions. 

    The past, present and future might be seen as dimensions within time which scientifically have not yet been linked but have only been created by the human mind to form a concrete basis for organizing life events, the past is memories we have saved in our brains and future is the assumption we form from our present cognitive capacity. 

    The pull of time makes us run and push make us wait, no one knows if time even exists yet it is a greater force of which we are the puppets.

    From our birth ‘time’ to our death ‘time’ the transient life is actuated by the intransient force ‘time’.



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