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Attain Your Inner Peace


    Attain Your Inner Peace


    I want to keep myself busy all the time.
    The day seems to be  really short. There is so much to do but the time is so limited . I have to run but is this really required? Perseverance is the most important thing to be successful. I have now decided that I am not going to get scared from anything. If a certain work makes me feel frightened or makes me nervous I will definitely face it bravely and do it. I know so many instances that made me feel nervous and I gave up on them. But it’s not going to happen again. I will face everything boldly. I will learn new skills and hone my initial skills. I will read a lot and increase my knowledge. The constant depression which has been strangulating me since so many years seems to be turning a little weaker now.

    I have realised that we  should try to use our maximum time in productive activities. We should try to embrace hobbies in which we are interested, we should increase our knowledge in some specific fields in which we have greater aptitude. As we find ourselves engaged in one kind of work or the other during the whole day we will automatically feel better . So keeping ourselves busy is very important.

    If we can strictly stick to a routine for the day then we should make a plan beforehand. But if it is not feasible for us to follow a fixed time table then  we should plan in our minds during the start of the day as to which activities will be given more priority on that day. Instead of setting big goals it is better to set small goals and achieve them. This will help in enhancing our confidence  and also we will get prepared to furnish long-term aims.

    Apart from working hard and completing the daily office or college chores, it is also important to find some selftime- a few minutes for introspection, for recapitulating our day and for the necessary peace of mind. Exercise and meditation can help in this. We all should try to take out some time from our daily routine for exercises like brisk walking , jogging, cycling , gymming , yoga , etc. supplemented by few minutes of deep meditation.  We will gradually feel an increased concentration power, enhanced memory, better health and physique, and consequently a greater sense of peace.




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