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Australia is far more beautiful than what you have been told. Find how?


    Australia is far more beautiful than what you have been told. Find how?


    Australia, the mighty nation of Ocenia region, is one of the famous tourist destinations across the world. Who in world doesn’t want to visit the giant Great Barrier Reef, the awesome Opera House, breathtaking Sydney Harbour Bridge, the ultimate Ulluru Rocks and charismatic Kangaroo sites. These are the places that can make you go awestruck and overwhelming for long. But, what if I tell you that they altogther don’t even cover even 5% of the Australia beautiful places. I know, it may take you with surprise – but that’s the big time truth that you have never been told.

    It is a known fact that people who visit Australia explore these sites and a few more popular one. And that’s it about their Australia tour. But, there are several hot tourist destinations that are equally happening and a few among them are mentioned below:

    • Brewery Port Licoln at London Street in South Australia

    • Squeaky Beach Wilsons Promontory in Victoria

    • Gold Coast Theme Parks at Gold Coast in Queensland

    • Art & Craft Local Market at Airlie Beach in Queensland

    • Casuarina Beach at Darwin in Northern Territory

    These are just a few places that are rare yet magnificent. The main reason such region does not show up in travel tips Australia because the leading travel websites never list them up. Why they don’t do is because these tourist attractions do not provide them much monetary benefits and hence, they never care to suggest it to their clients. As a result, the heart of Australian remain unexplored by tourist. Australia is just not limited to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and a few other big cities but has a lot more to it.

    The nation has so many natural reserve parks, botanical gardens, amazing beaches, the long drive routes across the coastal regions and many other things that are unknown to you. If you are planning to visit Australia, you must pay a visit to these places and make your trip count worthful of the money you invest. Also, these places are not much prone to the international tourists and thus, they are relatively cost-effective. To have the real fragrance of the nation, you should visit its sub-urbs and country-side. These places are even more beautiful, calm and peaceful. They introduce you with a different flavor of Australia and also let you explore the places which are no less than living wonders.

    After enough being said about exploring the rare yet happening places of Australia, the question is – where do you get the information about such places. Well, you need not to worry as Travalian is here to help. It is one of its kind ultimate social travel & leisure guide available for the travelers to help them having the detailed information about the countries, cities, towns and places they wish to visit. Not just this, it also helps in selecting best accommodation, restaurant and activities to do. In additions, it gives you complete information about the nearby places, so that you can explore more in less time. You can also use Travalian to have the information about the events and activities scheduled to take place during your visit.

    Do explore and make your trip to Australia more exciting.