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5 Great Facts About Honey Wax Candles

    If you want to learn more incredible facts about beeswax and beeswax products, visit Bluecorn Beeswax. This small team of artisans is devoted to bringing you incredible products made with love from natural ingredients. See what other amazing products they have to offer, today!

    3 Reasons Why Bluecorn Beeswax Candles Are Superior

      Head on over to your website and browse our vast selection of beeswax candles and accessories. We have something for everyone. Our candles come in all shapes and sizes, in a natural yellow hue or a range of other assorted colors. We also sell candle holders made out of forged metal or recycled glass.

      4 Uses for Beeswax

        With that said, I hope you try to incorporate beeswax into your life as much as you can. Whether you’re a chef who wants to use it in the kitchen, a design artist interested in creating beautiful beeswax designs, someone who wants to include more natural body care products into their life, or simply interested in replacing your candles with natural pure beeswax candles, using beeswax is never a bad option.

        Beeswax versus Soy

          If you read up on regular candles you can buy from CVS, Target, or really any other store that sells candles, you’ll find that most of these candles (if not all of them) contain paraffin. If you don’t already know, paraffin is obtained by distilled petroleum.

          The Difference Between Beeswax Candle Sticks and Paraffin

            Beeswax is a safe alternative to paraffin, and there are no adverse risks to the environment for obtaining this natural resource. Plus, to top it off, our culture is witnessing multiple species of bees find their way onto the endangered species list; with beeswax products, you can rest easy knowing your purchase will help to preserve the different species of honeybees that beekeepers utilize to create this astonishing resource.

            Soy or Pure Beeswax Candles: Which Is the True Eco-Friendly Option?

              While there have been a wide variety of materials used to construct candles, the most common options today are paraffin, soy, and Pure Beeswax Candles. When you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative, your candle options are narrowed down to two options: soy and beeswax. But, which is the more eco-friendly option?

              Essential Jargon for Cheap Beeswax Candles and Other Candles

                Candle snuffers are the preferred method for extinguishing a beeswax candlestick by candle enthusiasts. If you blow out the flame, it will smoke since your breath introduces smoke-producing air into the burn. Snuffers prevent this by encircling flame and forcing the flame to put itself out.