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Drain Cables

Differences in Drain Cables

    When you have a new project or job, selecting the right drain snake cables for your plumbing is crucial to your success. Even experienced plumbers and technicians need to take the time to ensure they have selected the right equipment for the task at hand.

    Keeping Up on Camera Reel Repair

      Duracable is authorized to repair cameras, monitors, locators, and transmitters, but takes immense pride in its RIDGID camera reel repair services. In addition to repair services, Duracable offers fair, competitive prices, and boasts of unbeatable customer satisfaction.

      Repairing your Ridgid Camera

        So, how can you get the most out of your device and avoid a trip to the Ridgid camera repair shop? With a few simple practices, it is easy to ensure you will enjoy a long-lasting camera.

        Know Your Cables – Duracable

          These cables operate similarly to manual ones, however they are powered by a motor that moves the snake through to the clog with much more force behind it

          Choosing the Right Cable For Your Job

            Our plumbing experts have years of experience and we work quickly to get you all the answers to your questions.
            For more information about 100 Ft Snake and 50 Ft Snake Please visit : Duracable Manufacturing.

            Inspection Made Easy

              Manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes, not all digital inspection cameras are meant for the same kinds of pipes and plumbing. Choose a size that reflects the job you are undertaking.