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Choose A Chassis That Fits You

If you’ve looked at the KRG website, you’ll see that they have the following chassis available: Bravo Chassis, Whiskey-3 Chassis, X-Ray Chassis, 180-Alpha Chassis, 180-Xray Chassis, Whiskey-3 Lefty Rem 700SA, and X-Ray Lefty Rem 700SA. Each chassis has their own individual specifications and modularities, but one thing can be promised: each chassis available on the KRG website will be one of the most comfortable chassis you’ll ever use!

KRG is a Brand You Can Trust

If you’re looking for something in between the two, you should check out the X-Ray Chassis. This is their mid-level chassis and carries the same ergonomics as the Whiskey-3 but with fewer features. With an adjustable spacer stack system for length of pull, you still get the customization that people know and love from KRG.