For Tikka Chassis, Look No Further than KRG

But a stock Tikka is never going to rival the comfort of KRG’s line of custom chassis. KRG’s Tikka stocks will have you firing longer and more comfortably in the short time it takes to install them.

Choose A Chassis That Fits You

If you’ve looked at the KRG website, you’ll see that they have the following chassis available: Bravo Chassis, Whiskey-3 Chassis, X-Ray Chassis, 180-Alpha Chassis, 180-Xray Chassis, Whiskey-3 Lefty Rem 700SA, and X-Ray Lefty Rem 700SA. Each chassis has their own individual specifications and modularities, but one thing can be promised: each chassis available on the KRG website will be one of the most comfortable chassis you’ll ever use!

Out With the Old: Upgrading to a Remington 700 Chassis

For those not in the know, in recent years a variety of brands looking to capitalize on owners of worn down Remingtons have designed and released their own chassis for the rifle that aims to not only address issues with old 700s, but also to add to it a level of modern amenity and modularity.

KRG is a Brand You Can Trust

If you’re looking for something in between the two, you should check out the X-Ray Chassis. This is their mid-level chassis and carries the same ergonomics as the Whiskey-3 but with fewer features. With an adjustable spacer stack system for length of pull, you still get the customization that people know and love from KRG.