Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a Handmade Twig Ring and Other Jewelry Online

Always make sure you have the option to return any unwanted items. If a company doesn’t have a return policy, this should set off the warning bells of potential problems. In most cases, this will leave you vulnerable and, while it may sound like a great deal, you won’t get a refund if your purchase isn’t as anticipated.

Diamond Twig Engagement Rings for Your Nature-Loving Bride-to-Be

All diamonds set in the Aurora Halo Ring are guaranteed to be ethically mined, keeping with the Kimberly Accord, and the gold band is handcrafted with recycled and repurposed gold. Leave her speechless with the organic, unique, and absolutely stunning diamond halo Aurora Halo Ring.

5 Alternative Engagement Ring Stones You Should Choose & 3 You Shouldn’t

When shopping for an engagement ring, the first thing people tend to look at is diamonds. However, there are plenty of Alternative Engagement Ring Stones to consider to add a little flair to your gem choice. Therefore, if you’re looking for a more non-traditional route, make sure to check out these astonishing gemstone options.