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Shoe Shades for Every Season

No matter the occasion, mixing in some color staples for each season will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe that combines both practicality with flare. For color options such as these, and countless more for any season or occasion, TheShoeMart has a vast selection of quality shoes and accessory for men and women. Visit our website today to find the perfect style and color for you!

The Best Accessories from Johnston and Murphy

From dress belts to scarves, Johnston and Murphy offers a broad range of fashionable and quality-made accessories for men. The Johnston and Murphy brand represents a classic sense of style with an assurance of quality and comfort. Using some of the world’s best handcrafted leathers, suedes, and wools, there is never a lacking for quality products. By pairing your Johnston And Murphy Shoes with an equal caliber accessory, you can complete any outfit with a perfect trifecta of style, class, and comfort.

The Proper Care and Cleaning of Men’s Johnston and Murphy Shoes

Quick brushing-and-balming takes little more than a few minutes at max and can ensure that your shoes never get put away with oils, dust, acid, or salt on the exterior. Quality shoes are durable and will last surprisingly long when separated from damaging factors. At the end of the work week, give your shoes the time they need for a full clean and polish.