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Notes Are Not Just For Music

    Whether you like a sweet dessert to wrap up your day, some fruity goodness to keep you going, or something more down to earth and traditional, you can surely find a flavor to your liking.

    Best Pure VG Liquid

      Not only does Velvet Cloud create some of the most incredible flavors of e-juice on the market today, but they care about their customers and how wholesome the products they have created are. The Pure Vg Liquid is definitely not the only part of the company that is pure.

      Sweet Tooth Options Without the Cavities

        If you are someone who wakes up with a sweet tooth every day, but also want to stick to a diet, you should try Dessert E Juice from Velvet Cloud. They have a variety of fruit and sugary flavored e-juices for you to choose from.

        The Flavor of Life

          Velvet Cloud cannot be beat. They use vegan ingredients to make the artisanal e-liquid like pure USP Vegetable Glycerine, water, and nicotine.

          Nature’s Finest in Vapour Juice

            By creating their products using natural ingredients, having fantastic selections of flavors for every palate, and keeping to their roots, they can supply the best premium vape juice that can be fathomed.

            Natural High VG E-Liquid from Velvet Cloud

              Velvet Cloud also knows that there are some people who prefer to experiment and create their own e-liquid flavors. This is why they created their ‘Unflavored’ e-liquid.