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Beauty Salon Equipment to Look at When Opening a Beauty Salon



    Beauty Salon Equipment to Look at When Opening a Beauty Salon


    If you’re looking to open a beauty salon of your own, there are quite a lot of things that go into the perfect set up that you’ve envisioned. Apart from the top notch interiors and amenities that you’ve charted out, there are a few basic must have equipments that you must get your hands on first.

    To get things going at your new salon, there are a few instruments that are imperative to own so that your business can get a good kick start in terms of essential services for customers. Here are 7 equipments you need to keep in mind while starting up your hair salon at Calgary:

    • Dryers:
    Starting with the basics, dryers are obviously the most important tools for all hair stylists. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose your regular, professional blow-dryers coupled with one or two old fashioned hooded dryers that save your manual efforts.

    Make sure your dryers have variable heat settings, cool shot settings and variable speeds.

    • Shampoo bowls:
    Decide upon the number of shampoo bowls that you’ll need, according to the size and occupancy of your salon. Make sure you fit rubber lips to your shampoo bowls, so as to make it more comfortable for your clients to rest their necks during a relaxing head wash.

    • Pedicure chairs:
    Pedicure chairs come with an attached foot bath so as to make it easier and luxurious for your client and better for your nail care expert. If you’re looking at providing nail services, you must consider getting at least one pedicure chair, again keeping in mind your budget and occupancy.

    • Manicure stations with nail polish racks:
    If you’re treading into the nail business, make sure you have a manicure station where your staff can administer the best manicures, with an array of colorful and gorgeous nail polishes to choose from, for the customer.

    • Hair Colors:
    Since hair colors are all the buzz in today’s day and age, make sure you stock up on some of the most in-demand colors from an established brand. Along with the colors, make sure all your color related bowls, brushes and other equipments are in place.

    • Salon Supplies:
    Make sure you have all the allied tools needed for a complete salon experience. These include curling and straightening irons, hair gels, rollers, shampoos, conditioners, serums, combs, hand mirrors, scissors… the works!

    • Hair styling carts and trolleys:
    Hair styling trolleys can be easily rolled around by stylists, beside each client, to cater to all of his/her needs, with an equipment stand kept standing right by. The cart has compartments wherein different tools can be stored, with a table top that can be used for various purposes.

    So along with the hair styling chairs, lounge area furniture and the impeccable lighting, mirrors and architecture, these are the few essential types of equipment that you need, in order to get your salon up and running. Coupled with a great location, marketing strategy and A-grade equipment, your salon can soar new heights!

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