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     “Mr. Bill Gates wants lazy people in his office.” two years earlier I read this line with further writing

    “lazy people are more innovative and will find easiest ways to do any work.”

    My heart broke down I thought that I wouldn’t be able to work with Mr. Bill Gates but my friends who are always sleeping can get such opportunities, everyone was tagging each other but I was left around in that virtual social page. There were so many other memes relating to active people and lazy people and the lazy people seems cool only because they were sleeping and not working hard to get anything.

    Then in a fresh lovely morning when I opened my eyes I found out that I was creative; creating music, blogs, dancing steps, singing music, exercising, and other more things and I am cool even though I am not sleeping in my free time and waking up at 6’o clock feeling far better.

    Actually, I don’t like to sleep ever but I know one thing-

    “sleep serves to reenergize the body’s cells, clear waste from brain, and support learning and memory.”

    I have heard too much of people saying sleeping is their hobby at first I thought “yeah! This is cool” but now I would laugh knowing that it is not their hobby but habit and no resume can say “extracurricular activity is sleeping.”

    There is a metal disease called hypersomnia but it can’t happen to everybody. I have seen so many friends who would rather sleep to pass time than going places because sleeping is inexpensive and easy thing. But so, do writing, singing, dancing, eating healthy, cooking, reading, watching a lovely movie, arranging your room, fixing your messy life and all the things that we can do.

    We read that Mr. Bill wants lazy people but he can’t say “Hey! come in to my office and sleep all day long on the beds I have provided you but at the end of the day give me something productive.” How are these people are going to do work when the thinking process is slowing down and the only motive of life is to sleep?


    “You know the sad part about all of this is that someone is in a tragic coma and someone is making their own life as coma.”

    There are some people who are night lovers and sleep any other time than night but some people don’t like any time period of a day not even a second of their day. These “sleep lovers” would never feel fresh in any second of their day. And I would call these sleep lover people as“bed-potatoes”, like couch-potatoes sit in a couch, similarly these are sleeping in their bed and dreaming nothing. And the fact about dreams is that day-dreaming is far better than sleep-dreams because you can make them come true with your every single little effort while awake.

    “Bed-potatoes” are playing dead role with their life but life would not spare them and definitely give them awards like; type 2 diabetes, low blood pressure, obesity, mental illness, and many more diseases you can ever imagine.

    Here I have decided to tell you all these things only to let you know that you are wrong and I am cool!





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