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Beeswax versus Soy





    Beeswax versus Soy


    A couple years back, my sister went into a candle-making phase. It was a very short phase, it really only lasted for the holiday season. Her intent was to make homemade soy candles scented with essential oils for easy, thoughtful gifting. My gift was a soy candle scented with lavender essential oil in a mason jar decorated with a red ribbon. I put the candle in my bathroom and let it sit for a few months before I actually started using it. Finally, when I lit the candle, there was a very faint scent of lavender in the air that was almost unnoticeable, yet still pleasant. I didn’t keep it lit for long as I don’t like to leave lit candles in a room unsupervised, but, after a few times lighting the candle, I noticed that the center of the candle kept sinking while the sides remained in place leaving me with a bunch of wax that would not melt. I haven’t lit the candle since; I’m waiting for some time when I can scrape at the sides of the mason jar and push the wax down into the sinking center in order to make the most out of it. Not the worst use of my time, but having candles with wax that melts evenly would be ideal.

    Recently, I started hearing more and more about beeswax candles. I never really used them, seeing as how they are more expensive than the regular candles I could get at the dollar store or CVS. However, what I heard about beeswax candles made me tilt my head and listen in more closely. Apparently, making beeswax candles is an art form. Yes, you can simply pour molten beeswax into a jar and let it be that; however, you won’t get all of the benefits that you can get by simply purchasing them from a reputable supplier who actually knows what they are doing. Well, that’s where Bluecorn Beeswax comes in.

    Bluecorn Beeswax has got the art of making handmade beeswax candles down to a science. All of their candles are 100% pure beeswax and made to perfection. They know just how to make these candles so that each candle burns evenly and made to burn for hours and hours on end. No more wax build-up on the sides of jars, beeswax candles from Bluecorn Beeswax will burn evenly and, if used correctly, won’t drip! Now, how great is that?

    Aside from the unbelievably lengthy burn times, beeswax also provides health benefits that other candles do not. If you read up on regular candles you can buy from CVS, Target, or really any other store that sells candles, you’ll find that most of these candles (if not all of them) contain paraffin. If you don’t already know, paraffin is obtained by distilled petroleum. There have been many times when I walk into a house or an apartment and every room is decorated with candles that are meant to provide a pleasant fragrance to the environment. What most people don’t realize, however, is that paraffin has harmful side effects, especially when used profusely. Not only does it negatively affect your health, but it does so by emitting harmful toxins into the air. This is one of the reasons people choose to buy soy candles rather than the cheaper paraffin candles.

    What people don’t know, however, is that most soy is genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides, and this soy is then used to make soy candles. Now, there are some people who also make beeswax candles mixed with harmful agents. That is why it’s important, however, to know from whom you are buying these candles, how they make them, and what they claim. Bluecorn Beeswax offers just that! Having been in business for over fifteen years, Bluecorn Beeswax has been making 100% pure homemade beeswax candles since their inception. They know what it takes to make the perfect candle that purifies that air you breath and they stand behind everything they make so that you can be sure you are receiving quality-made beeswax candles. For more information about beeswax candles and how to properly care for them, visit their website and check out their crucial candle care page or give them a call at 888-350-4929; they’re eager to help!

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