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Beginner’s Guide: How to Do Content Curation for SEO



    Beginner’s Guide: How to Do Content Curation for SEO


    -by greeneysweeney


    What is Content Curation?

    Content Curation is the process used in presenting discovered and gathered digital content surrounding a specific matter, which is relevant to your niche or industry. Although it is still assumed to be a “buzzword” by most people in the world of content, content curation has now become a marketing staple for many successful companies with a solid presence on the web.

    Content curation doesn’t include generation of content like in the case of content marketing.Instead, it involves amassing content from various sources, organizing it, and delivering the information in a standard fashion. For instance, a person involved in content curation isn’t responsible for creating new content but for finding relevant content that pertains to a specific category and ultimately funneling this information to the audience in a mashed-up style. You basically turn already created content into your own piece of content.

    What Enhances Success of Content Curation?

    The following are the factors that enhance the success of Content Curation and Warrington SEO:

    ·         You need to Know Your Audience

    In order to be at par with your audience, the most important thing is to know them well and know what drives them as well.Otherwise, it could be hard to make a choice for content curation.

    ·         Add Value to Your Content

    The main aim of content curation is adding value to your collected content and organizing it in a way that it becomes truly valuable to your audience.

    ·         Get Inspiration from Past Written Content

    Once you know the sweet spot of your audience, focus on crafting the perfect curated content to satisfy them.

    You can research content that worked well for others in the past, using platforms that include:

    You don’t have to blatantly copy the entire information, but just get inspiration from content that has been successfully curated in other markets.

    ·         Testing Curated Content

    You need to test different content formats that have been curated such as visuals, podcasts, articles, and videos. Apply the various tactics of content curation and measure what could work perfectly with your audience.

    Types of Content Curation

    1. Aggregation – This involves curating the most relevant content on a topic into a single location. It is the most common method of content curation and is at the base of the majority of Warrington SEO services which are present online.


    1. Distillation – This one distillation overall noise about a topic to its most relevant and important concept. The perfect cases of curating social content can be catalogued into this kind of definition.


    1. Elevation – This is when curators make a more general insight or trend from a large mass of day to day musings.


    1. Mashups – This involves merging different content about a particular topic while creating a point of view that looks new but portrays the same information.


    1. Chronology– Often viewed as a historiographical content curation, it usually consists of presenting curated information to demonstrate the evolution of a certain topic.

    How Does Content Curation Help your Warrington SEO Efforts?

    A perfectly executed strategy of content curation adds value to your audience. This enhances social likes and shares, ultimately contributing to better rankings.






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