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Best car interior parts for 2020


    Best car interior parts for 2020


    It wouldn’t be worth using the “Pimp My Ride” supersonic sound system, hot tub at the rear of the truck, aquarium, or even a chandelier list, but it may actually improve the list of all auto parts driving experience. From a driving recorder that can prove that you have no accidents to a wireless Bluetooth transmitter of a car audio system that is earlier than a smartphone, the auto parts market is undoubtedly a changeable market. Here are some best car interior accessories.

    1.Best Dash Cam 2019
    Best Satellite Navigation 2019
    Best Car Holder 2019
    However, before we entered the fashion gadget, there was an essential item in the first place. Dog hair, crispy bread crumbs, mud, hairpins, and odd 1p coins; by the end of the month, your car may look like a debris dump, which means light and convenient when you need to buy auto parts The operation becomes a breeze. other? We will leave it to you to decide on “need to buy”-although they are very cool.

    2. NEXTBASE 612GW driving recorder
    Capture the driver’s performance with this 4K driving recorder
    Apart from trying to explain to the insurance company that the accident is not your fault, there is nothing more annoying than this, no matter what kind of lies the third party tries to weave. Well, the evidence is in the camera. This intelligent driving recorder is recorded in 4K quality, which can record materials and easily transfer them from the device to a mobile phone or home PC. It uses a magnetic pad to fix itself on the dashboard and tracks your GPS and speed to ensure that everything is fair whenever you have an accident.

    3. Tile Companion
    Where am I the key, where am I calling? Do not you know? Tile mates will find them. Although the guy from Got Talent may have enjoyed his 15-minute fame (don’t remember “Where am I the key, where am I calling”? Look up on Youtube, it will shock your head), but we Only know the frustration of the actual misalignment. This handy gadget is attached to your key; you can make a call from your phone or consult the app to see when they last saw it. You can also press the button on Tile Mate itself, and it will ring your phone…it will sound even in silent mode – is it convenient?

    4. DIVI USB car charger
    Charge anytime, anywhere
    The Divi USB charger is one of the most compact car chargers on the market, with an ultra-thin design that is almost flush with the edge of the socket. It allows you to charge two devices at full speed at a speed of 2.4A in each USB port. The aluminum housing looks more upscale than the plastic options on the market, and the scratch-resistant technology makes it look like new. Divi chargers have multiple safety guarantees and have a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

    5. Bluetooth receiver
    A smart option that can turn your jar into a Bluetooth speaker
    Use Firefly, the world’s smallest music receiver, to add Bluetooth to your car audio system. Firefly allows you to stream music from your smartphone to any device via AUX input. Just plug Firefly into the audio system and USB power, and then pair it with your smartphone. After pairing, Firefly will remember your device and automatically connect when you are near you.

    6. ARTECK car jump starter 8000MAH
    Get instant power boost
    If your car is a bit difficult to drive, and it is not always the first time to start, please do not call the towing service or wait for help on the roadside, please use Arteck. This compact and lightweight device can be assembled up to 20 times on a single charge, and is equipped with heavy-duty cables and built-in fixtures.

    7. LDESIGN wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter
    This handy Bluetooth transmitter helps you
    When the radio jingle makes you want to blow a gasket, please connect your phone to this transmitter, and then play your own music through the car stereo. With the built-in microphone, echo cancellation and noise suppression, the transmitter can be easily used as a hands-free calling device and can be used as a charger three times. This transmitter can be directly inserted into the cigarette lighter socket, easy to use, according to people who have purchased it, it also has high performance.

    8. Automatic collection series-perfect body, wheels and interior
    If you just have a new car, or want to renew an old car, you will be surprised how effective thorough cleaning is. If you want a thorough cleaning, Autoglym’s body, wheels and interior series can never go wrong. The kit contains everything you need to make the car foam again, including body shampoo, super resin polish, extra gloss protection, clean wheels, instant tire dressing, alloy wheel seals, interior shampoo, car glass polishing Agent, vinyl and rubber maintenance, sponge, high-tech finishing cloth, and finally a light green dry cloth which give your car a new look.
    Hurry up to choose the best car interior equipment suits you!




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