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Best Home Insurance Quote – 6 Tips That Will Help You Get It





    Best Home Insurance Quote – 6 Tips That Will Help You Get It


    As the housing market has started to heat up, buying a home can make a big dent in your pocket. After finding your dream home, you don’t want to worry about the extensive costs of insuring it too, right? Don’t worry. We have some effective money saving tips to help you get the Best Home Insurance Quotes Canada.

    1. Avail Multi-Policy Discounts

    Since insurance companies are looking for more business, they will reward you for buying multiple policies from the same company. You can save up to 30% when you bundle your auto and home insurance policy. Plus, you have to interact with just one company for all your insurance needs so you get additional consistency in the way claims are handled and easier communications too.

    2. Disaster-prep your Home

    Many people live in areas that are at a risk for various kinds of natural disasters like, floods and tornadoes. However, there are a few things you can do to protect your home from these calamities. Just a little prep on your end can result in a sizeable discount on your insurance quotes. Add storm shutters, seal the roof beneath the shingles, prune the trees away from the home and you’ll be less impacted in case of a disaster. This will enable you to get the best home insurance quotes Canada.

    3. Invest in Your Security Systems

    If your home is protected against burglars, break-ins and vandals, you can save between 5-20% on your insurance quotes. By installing deadbolts and state-of-the-art home security systems, you can greatly reduce the threats of theft and vandalism. If your system offers off-site monitoring as well, you can reduce your rates even further. Choosing the right security systems will not just protect your family and your home, but also save a lot of money.

    4. Boost Your Deductible

    Based on the level of risk you can handle; you can save hundreds of dollars on your home insurance premiums by opting for a higher deductible. This is the amount of loss that you’ll have to handle from your own pocket before the insurance money kicks in. Think about increasing your deductible from $500 to $1000 or even go up to $2000, but make sure that you have the cash to pay just in case something does go wrong.

    5. Be a Loyal Customer

    Loyalty can pay great rewards in terms of home insurance quotes. If you stick to the same company for three to five years, you can expect a discount ranging from 5 to 10%. Just make sure to review your policy annually and make necessary changes to save additional money on your premiums.

    6. Limit Your Claims

    Insurance offers coverage in times of need. However, if you submit a claim often, it increases your risk in the eyes of the provider and they can raise your premiums. Submitting multiple claims can also result in your policy being cancelled. When you’re debating whether to submit a claim or not, make sure to consider the long-term costs and not just the immediate costs and benefits.
    Looking for the best home insurance quotes Canada can be stressful. Using these tips, you can save a lot on your insurance rates and protect your home in the long run.

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