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Best Options For Kitchen Worktops


    Best Options For Kitchen Worktops


    When you’re looking to buy new kitchen worktops, you should know that you have a wide variety of surface options that you can choose from. Some of these materials include:

    Stainless Steel Worktops

    These kitchen worktops offer a chic, contemporary look. The surface is usually sleek and very clean-looking. Since there is no room for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to grow, you can install this worktop in almost any area of your kitchen. The only flaw with this material is that its prone to scratch marks. In some cases, the scratches are too extensive that it’s rather difficult to restore them.

    Marble Worktops

    Natural marble comes with elegant and unique veins that make it an ideal choice for your home design. The most attractive thing about this worktop surface is that it has various colour options for you to choose from.

    While the surface is great, its main flaw is that it has numerous tiny crackles that make it delicate and fragile, especially when you use it for a long time. Oils and other food products can eventually penetrate the worktop surface which makes them very hard to clean at times.

    Wood Worktops

    A lot of homeowners still prefer wooden worktops despite its flaws and disadvantages. They favour this material as they are natural, and they feature a unique texture that adds character to the room. These worktops are also lightweight so you don’t always have to hire a professional to fit them for you.

    Just like the other surface material, these worktops have their fair share of flaws. Two of its most common flaws is that they are not resistant to acids and they easily wear. They also have seams between each section that’s rather difficult to control. Dust and dirt tend to go through the seams allowing a place for harmful bacteria to grow.

    Granite Worktops

    Granite worktops are admired by a lot of people due to their durability, high density, and resistance to alkalis and acids. However, the main flaw with this worktop is that it has seams. If the seams are not accurately handled, chemicals and dirt tend to penetrate them which allows a ground for bacteria and other organisms to thrive.

    Here’s a good news: there is a solution for that flaw. All you need to do is to hire a skilled and qualified granite worktop installer to mount them for you. That way, you can guarantee that the slabs are properly installed and sealed.

    Quartz Worktops

    Do you want your kitchen worktops to be practically stain-proof and needs no regular resealing or any extreme maintenance? Do you want them to be remarkably durable? If these things sound appealing to you, then Quartz worktops might just be the perfect choice for your kitchen.

    Although this worktop is an engineered stone, Quartz is not entirely imperishable. Proper maintenance should still be observed in order to keep its beauty and functionality.

    Lastly, no matter what worktop material you may choose, be sure that it fits your daily lifestyle.