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Best Practices to Have High Webinar Conversion



    Best Practices to Have High Webinar Conversion



    High webinar conversion – your next digital marketing strategy!

    For digital marketing strategies that work, webinars should be on top of your list! A webinar is a live or recorded, interactive seminar done online. It’s a way for you to captivate, engage, and interact with an audience where you can share valuable insights.


    The ultimate goal of a webinar is to engage your audience, persuade them that it’s your business they need, and then convert them into loyal customers, i.e. high webinar conversion.

    To help you excel in this trending digital marketing strategy and really boost your business, here are the best practices to having high webinar conversion.

    It’s all in the name
    Having a catchy, engaging title will absolutely do great wonders for your webinar. A catchy webinar title should make your target market stop at your banner ad, look into it a little bit more, and get them interested to attend your webinar.

    great webinar title is snappy and specific.

    One of the best practices is to be straightforward in addressing a point and clearly communicates the benefit of tuning in, i.e. why they should give their precious time to your webinar.


    Tying it to the next step: the offer

    What action do you want your audience to make after the webinar? You’ve already told them about your products/services then it is time to inform them about your offering. Give an offer that they cannot refuse. Maybe a limited time offering, or something like this. Providing a very good promo or exclusive offer for webinar attendees will definitely make your webinar a success.




    Webinar Software Tool To Use

    Most digital marketers use Facebook live or YouTube live for their webinars but you also have an option to use some other free tools like. But since you’ll be using webinars to boost your business and get more sales, it’s a good idea to invest in a paid software tool that gives you a professional edge and important data (you can’t get with the free tools) to use for future marketing.

    By getting a paid webinar software tool, you’ll also have better control over settings like privacy and branding, and often a more stable broadcast and higher quality audio and video.


    Promoting Your Webinar

    One of the best practices to have high webinar conversion is its promotion. Your digital marketing skills and knowledge must be put into use.

    Promote your webinar in all of your marketing channels: Emails, Social Media, Website (landing page), etc. Maximise all your digital marketing channels and set a budget for paid ads so your target audience can be invited to view your webinar.

    Another best practice so you can have high webinar conversion is to do guest posting. Look for someone (an influencer, or other social media account) who can promote your webinar in their social media account so you can tap a new audience.


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    Digital marketing is constantly evolving and one of the strategies that you can do to boost your business is to do webinars. Take note of these best practices to have high webinar conversion and you’ll start reaping the benefits that only webinars can provide such as:

    • Creating instant authority in your industry.
    • Reaching a wider audience, you otherwise wouldn’t reach.
    • Building your marketable database.
    • Obtain valuable insights and data for future marketing efforts, and so on.


    High Webinar Conversion Formula

    There is a formula for promoting and gaining high webinar conversion. This resides in topic, promotion, webinar format and timing. Once you have the infrastructure in place, you can then put this lead generator and convertor on autopilot.

    If you want to know how, contact us now.