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Best Pure VG Liquid





    Best Pure VG Liquid


    Making a product that can be truly called “pure” requires a great deal of love and appreciation for your craft. That love and appreciation is available in abundance with the Pure VG Liquid available with Velvet Cloud. Not only does Velvet Cloud create some of the most incredible flavors of e-juice on the market today, but they care about their customers and how wholesome the products they have created are. The Pure Vg Liquid is definitely not the only part of the company that is pure.

    There truly is something to be said about a flavor that can really be considered pure. Velvet Cloud takes great pride in the qualities of their recipes and the ingredients used to make them. Using only the best ingredients, they can produce something that is a safe and cleaner more pure alternative to the other items on the market. They use organic ingredients that are free of any added sweeteners or coloring, GMO’s, and added sugars. They use a base of pure USP Vegetable Glycerin and nicotine to make it the smoothest and most natural hit possible. It is also made with all vegan ingredients and their products are never tested on animals in any way, so you can feel good about using a product that is ethically made. If you like the sugary sweetness of Frosted Gingerbread or the playful fruit flavor of Pandamonium with hints of citrus, white gummy, and pineapple, you can find a specific flavor just right for your everyday use. If you are not sure what exactly you are looking for in the flavor department, they also offer 3-flavored variety packs for you to purchase. The Tobacco Trio with Blue Beard, Burley Beard, and White Beard offers something that is more of a classic tobacco flavor, while the Treasured Trio is a selection of a few favorite flavors like Vanilla Custard, Night Shift, and Strawb-Gwab. This way you can sample some of the classic favorites and find out exactly what type of flavors you enjoy.

    In addition to the love the company has for the flavors in their Pure VG Liquid, they put great care into their customer service. They started out in San Francisco because they felt the town they were living in was lacking in artisanal e-liquid suppliers. Since their inception, they have exploded in popularity and now sell their products all over the country. They keep to their roots by using recipes that are reminiscent of the traditional recipes they know and love. It shows that they really care about the final product they are putting out and have a lot of and pasion for the e-juice they make for their customers. Not only do they know you will love your e-juice, they offer an excellent return policy so they know that, no matter what, you will be satisfied with your purchase. They ship their products straight to your front step or your business so you will not have to be dreaming about their wonderful flavors for long before you are enjoying them yourself. When you are running low, your next batch is only a click away.

    The love and care that Velvet Cloud puts into their e-liquid can really only be described as pure, just like their Pure VG Liquid. They show, in every purchase, just how much their customers matter, whether that is in the form of choosing the very best ingredients or having the best customer service possible. Buying their products will make you feel like your e-juice is being supplied to you by a friend that knows good stuff when they see it. That is the real sign of a good product. Check them out today!

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