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Best Restaurant Equipment Made Easy



    Best Restaurant Equipment Made Easy


    Imagine sauntering into your favorite Chicago cafe during a hot summer day. You open the expansive menu, and the only logical choice in the heat is a delicious chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone. You alert the waiter of this desire and she returns to you a disappointed look — the soft serve ice cream machine had broken down. As a thriving Chicago cafe, this can prove to be a calamity, for during a summer heat wave, a restaurant with a Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is bound to attract hordes of customers. In order to quickly remedy this dilemma, simply head to GatorChef, a family-owned and operated restaurant supply company located in Illinois. GatorChef provides the restaurant world with a vast array of state of the art restaurant equipment that can be purchased both online and, if you are a local customer, in-store.

    In terms of a commercial soft serve ice cream machine, GatorChef currently offers its customers over a dozen different varieties sure to churn a delicious array of ice cream. In fact, depending on the number of quarts per hour, GatorChef sells ice cream machines ranging from 18 quarts all the way up to 94 quarts per hour. Furthermore, a customer can even find machines with both single and multiple flavor options. This variety coupled with price points that can fit any restaurants budget, illustrate GatorChef’s mission to supply their customers with high quality goods at low prices. Moreover, if a restaurant is not in the financial position to purchase a brand-new ice cream machine, GatorChef offers pre-owned ice cream machines at amazingly low prices.

    Even though buying a piece of used-restaurant equipment seems like a risky task, the GatorChef used equipment limited 90-day warranty guarantees that the machine will work wonders for your restaurant. Each of the used units that GatorChef sells to their customers has been tested, cleaned, and restored by factory certified technicians to meet and even exceed all manufacturer’s specifications. This alleviates all of the stress that comes with purchasing used-goods, for if you receive a piece of restaurant equipment from GatorChef, and it is not working up to your standards, they will provide parts and labor warranty for up to 90-days following your purchase.

    If your restaurant is looking to have a particularly busy season that you are not quite prepared for equipment-wise, and your finances cannot currently make room for purchasing neither a new nor a used piece of equipment, GatorChef offers the ever convenient and cost-efficient option of renting restaurant equipment. By renting restaurant equipment from GatorChef, they take all of the set-up hassle out of your hands and bring each piece of equipment to your restaurant, will install it, and maintain the equipment for either a weekly or monthly fee. Furthermore, GatorChef offers restaurants convenient options that allow restaurants to decide when and for how long they want the equipment for. With most restaurant equipment rentals, you are held to a long rental period that comes with a high cost should you choose to break the agreement. With GatorChef, a restaurant can choose to rent equipment for as little a period of time as a weekend and, should you choose to need it for a couple extra days, GatorChef allows price plans to extend your restaurant equipment rental to conveniently fit your needs.

    If you have any questions regarding any new or used restaurant equipment for rent, feel free to contact GatorChef through either: (1) Live Chat located on, (2) Telephone: (888) 944-2867, or (3) Email: They’re always happy and willing to help!

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