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Budget Air Supply is Your One-Stop Air Conditioner Supplier



    Budget Air Supply is Your One-Stop Air Conditioner Supplier



    When it comes to air conditioner suppliers, it’s hard to know who is being honest with you and who is just trying to make a sale. Like so many industries that revolve around expensive appliances, the best way for suppliers to profit is to convince you that you need a bigger, better, and more expensive unit. Budget Air Supply started after a dishonest AC repairman tried to get our owner to pay to replace an expensive AC unit that, according to him, wasn’t worth fixing. Later our owner called his friend to take a look and ended up being able to swap out a simple part that had the AC working like new.



    Budget Air Supply was founded to offer a new kind of business within air conditioner suppliers. Instead of trying to upsell and cheat our customers, we decided to just offer honest no frills repair services so they could get their air conditioning back when they needed it. Turns out honesty is the best policy because we got big enough to open our own warehouse for HVAC units and supplies.

    From there, we turned to the internet and started to offer our customers equipment and parts well below the manufacturer pricing the stores use. How most retail stores and technicians work is they get their HVAC equipment from a supplier, then add a charge, then charge you for labor on top of that. As a supplier, we offer you a way to cut out the middle man and come straight to us for your AC needs. By buying from Budget Air Supply, you get the same quality HVAC supplies for a fraction of the cost that would show up on your invoice from other air conditioner suppliers.

    Once you have the parts and equipment, all you need to do is find your own service technician to hook it up for you. No way for them to try to upsell you for what you already have, so you keep your bill down. It may seem simple, but you shouldn’t have to pay a premium for parts AND labor. Turn to Budget Air Supply to only get the parts and equipment you need.

    We offer a huge range of products. Our heating and cooling catalog includes split systems, packaged systems, heat pump options, and OEM parts. Whatever HVAC supplies you need, we have a product that will get the job done. We even offer a wide range of parts and tools for air conditioner repair. We are truly a one-stop shop. Whether you need a brand new condenser for your system or a new capacitor to get your system back up and running, we will get it to you fast.

    There are three Budget Air Supply warehouses in central Florida, Witchita Kansas, and Las Vegas Nevada. Once our experts can help you find the perfect air conditioner products and supplies, our expediting team will find which of our locations can get you your products as fast as possible. We help work with you and trucking companies to get your products to you in perfect condition, and the shipping section of our website gives you details on assuring your products are in good working order. If you reject shipping for a damaged product, our team can have a replacement on its way that day.

    Next time you need air conditioner parts, don’t deal with the usual air conditioner suppliers. We have always believed in taking care of our customers since we were just a repair company. Even though we’ve gotten a little bigger, we still dedicated to the same great customer service and getting you exactly what you need for your HVAC system.

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