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Can Diet Causes Erectile Dysfunction?


    Can Diet Causes Erectile Dysfunction?


    Why Men Experience ED Should Converse with their Doctors

    Men should definitely discuss any problems they are having with their doctors, and they should maintain an erection. To determine the cause of this condition, it is important to get a clear diagnosis not only to help resolve sexual difficulties but also because there are treatments readily available for this condition. More importantly, their lives could be saved.

    Organic Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

    There are multiple causes of ED, with a physical cause in 90 percent of all ED cases. A proper diagnosis can often reveal the underlying medical conditions which may cause ED. Indeed here are some of ED’s common physical or organic causes:

    Heart disease and blood vessel narrowing: Any condition that interferes with blood flow in the body can interfere with blood flow to the penis, too. What makes an erection is sufficient blood flow to the penis.

    • Atherosclerosis: This is a common cause of blood flow problems as it causes the arteries, including the penis, to be narrowed or blocked. This prevents sufficient amounts of the needed blood flow into the penis to produce an erection.
    • Diabetes Treatment
    • High blood pressure
    • Cholesterol: High
    • Drug and Substance Abuse
    • Obesity and Metabolic Disorder
    • Fumbling
    • Parkinson’s illness
    • Various sclerosis
    • Hormonal disorders: These can include thyroid and testosterone deficiencies
    • Penis structural or pathological disorder: Peyronie is one example of this condition.
    • Radiation therapy to area Pelvic
    • Injuries to the Pelvic or Spinal Cord

    In addition, discovering the cause of your erectile dysfunction could save your life by diagnosing any of the above conditions (such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes) which, if left untreated, could be life-threatening.

    Diet and erectile dysfunction: What you eat or drink does matter?

    To maintain general good health, it is necessary for men to eat a healthy diet, since a diet that is bad for a man’s health may also be a diet that is bad for his ability to have erections.

    If a man can obtain and sustain an erection or not is directly dependent on the consistency of the blood flow to and from the penis. So, it is fair that any eating habits that may induce heart attacks in the coronary arteries due to limited blood flow will also hinder penile erections.

    A healthy diet for a man wishing to maintain a good flow of blood into his penis should include:

    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Total grains
    • Good fats in the heart: nuts, olive oil included
    • Pisces
    • Wine, and particularly red

    There has been a scientific establishment of the correlation between following the common Mediterranean diet and improved sexual function.

    And, although there is no clear evidence that alcohol intake is bad for erectile dysfunction, heavy drinking can cause damage to the liver and nerve, and interfere with normal male sex hormone levels. All of those conditions could lead to ED.

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