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A Tale of Band Camp

A Tale of Band Camp

    A few years ago I was asked to say something at the annual band awards banquet for the high school my daughters attend. What follows is what I told the students and parents that evening.

    Architecture and Urbanism Course

      Usually when we are finishing high school, there is already a concern in our head: What kind of graduation do? Many do not know what they will find in the course of Architecture and Urbanism.

      Your Ultimate Productivity Checklist: Helping You Find The Way

        You have to properly organize your time and activities so that you don’t end up lost in the tide, paddling to keep yourself above water. But how do you become more productive, and what can be done to eliminate some of those strains in your life that pull you down? Even organizing your life might just seem like more work at this point, which is the last thing you may think you need.


          Don‘t spend major time with minor people. Minor people, will reduce your value until they reduce you to nothing but like them 5 years from now.
          The best place to invest your money is not in real estate, it’s not in a business, it’s IN YOURSELF. When you invest in yourself, be assured of 100% returns.
          What Your School, Parents and Teachers Never taught you about Money, Time and Freedom

          How do I start a Career in IT Consulting?

            Lakshay Narang started by explaining IT Consulting as: “IT Consultancy is all about knowing multiple technologies, software products and Industry domain knowledge.”