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Choosing a Chassis System that is Compatible with Your Tikka T3 Rifle





    Choosing a Chassis System that is Compatible with Your Tikka T3 Rifle


    When it comes to choosing components for outfitting your custom rifle, one of the biggest decisions that you will make will be deciding if you are going to equip it with a traditional stock or chassis system. Your personal preference and intended use of the firearm will be able to guide you to decisions on components easily. With today’s variety of available accessories and customizations, you can rest easy knowing that the tools needed to enhance your shooting experience are accessible and ready at your fingertips.

    What is a Chassis?
    The chassis of a rifle is the interface between the rifle and the shooter. This interface is often the most important part of your rifle because it allows you to get into your perfect shooting position and maintain control of your rifle at all times. Kinetic Research Group (KRG) and Cadex Defence both provide popular chassis frameworks for some of the most impressive rifles on the market today, giving you access to the customization that you are looking for in your chassis.

    What Are Your Options?
    Most chassis systems offer a number of personalizations that will accommodate the needs of any shooter. Whether you are looking for tactical, hunting, or competition modification these top performers give you a wide variety of options including ergonomic enhancements, multiple attachment points for slings, bipods, and competition oriented accessories as well as a choice between a folding and fixed stock on certain models.

    In addition to offering several modular accessories and options that compete well with the Cadex Tikka Chassis line, KRG also produces some of the lightest full-featured chassis on the market today. Another great feature of the KRG chassis system is the modular grip. With the exception of their new entry level Bravo chassis their entire line utilizes modular grip panels allowing the user to fit the chassis to the unique ergonomic needs of each individual shooter. With all of the modifications available for this exciting chassis line and the accessories that can be added to them, it is easy to see why these chassis models are some of the most popular on today’s market.

    What Considerations Should You Make?
    Kinetic Research Group is proud to offer several chassis that represent solid competition to the Cadex Tikka chassis systems. Before deciding on the chassis model that is right for you, though, there are a number of things that should be taken into consideration to ensure that you get the design, functionality, and accessories that you are seeking for your gun build.

    If you are choosing a chassis to match your Tikka rifle, then the first thing to consider is which chassis will be compatible with the rifle you plan to add it to. After you have reviewed the items that are compatible with your rifle, the next thing you must take into consideration are the chassis model features and the parts and accessories that match that model. By knowing what each has to offer, you are able to choose which chassis would be best suited for you.

    It’s important to remember that each chassis has its own features, specifications, and accessories. Learning these details about each chassis will allow you to choose the option that will bring the features that you are looking to add to your rifle as well as a full understanding of your rifle and all the parts that are attached to it.

    Ready to Choose?
    If you are ready to choose the KRG chassis that is right for you, but have further questions about how their models vary from Cadex Tikka chassis systems, please contact KRG today, and their team will be happy to help you come to see why more and more precision shooters are arming themselves with KRG.

    For more information about Tikka T3 Stock and Aics Chassis Please visit : Kineticresearchgroup.