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Choosing The Best Wood For Garden Furniture

    best wood for garden furniture



    Choosing The Best Wood For Garden Furniture



    best wood for garden furniture


    We often find ourselves confused in finding the best wood for outdoor use. There are several aspects to be considered, from durability to style. No feature can be compromised upon. Moreover, the availability of different types of wood for furniture also gets overwhelming. But in order to choose the best wood for garden furniture, we need to have some information, so we don’t end up wasting our money.

    While there are several other materials available for making outdoor furniture, like rattan, wicker, and wrought-iron, nothing beats wood. It has a feel that is specific to it only. Other furniture, no matter how costly or pretty, can never compare to the warmth and beauty of wooden garden furniture.

    We have jotted down all that you need to know about different wood types before buying wood for outdoor use. So, let’s see what we have here!

    Best Wood For Garden Furniture

    Before finalising any wood for outdoor use, it’s important to know a little bit about it. We have gathered some information regarding six different types of wood for furniture. Read on to find out which one is the best choice for your garden.

    Astonish With Acacia

    Acacia wood is the ideal choice for those who need an environment-friendly and durable option in garden furniture. Some of the characteristics that make it one of the best wood for garden furniture are:

    • It is durable.
    • It is strong.
    • It is water-resistant.
    • It is moderately heavy.
    • It has a smooth texture.
    • It doesn’t get infected by fungus and termites easily.
    • It can last from 40 to 50 years if properly cared for.

    These qualities of acacia wood make it the ideal wood for outdoor use. Although, it is an extremely durable wood, it does require proper care. Using an oil-based preservative, we can preserve its rich brown colour from fading.

    Stun With Cedar

    Another popular type of wood in garden furniture making is cedar wood. It is not a heavy wood, and is therefore easy to move around in the garden. Some characteristics of one of the best types of wood for furniture are:

    • It is a highly stable kind of wood.
    • It is a natural moth repellent.
    • This wood type is also crack-resistant.
    • Cedarwood stays rot-free for a long time.
    • It can be easily stained and painted.
    • Cedarwood needs only yearly cleaning to retain its natural colour.
    • It weathers to a silvery grey colour over time.

    Proper care and precautions can make cedar wood last for far longer than you may think. It can be considered as the best wood for garden furniture because of all these qualities.

    Impress With Cypress

    Cypress wood is also considered the best wood for outdoor use. This is because of its durable nature and sustainable qualities. Some features of cypress wood are:

    • It can easily withstand natural elements, i.e. air, water, soil.
    • It has a natural preservative.
    • It is insect and rot-resistant.
    • It is a stable kind of wood.
    • It has a medium to coarse texture.
    • It doesn’t shrink or swell due to the changing seasons.
    • The older it gets, the more durable it becomes.
    • It can last for quite a long period of time.

    Due to all these qualities, if we call it the best among different types of wood for furniture, it won’t be wrong.

    Rock With Redwood

    Although redwood grows slowly, it’s still considered as one of the best wood for garden furniture. This is because of its sturdiness and density. Some prominent features of the Scandinavian Redwood are:

    • Its wood comes from a slow-growing tree.
    • The slow growth produces a much denser and more robust wood.
    • It is light in colour and can be polished easily.
    • It doesn’t have natural oil in it so it will need proper care.
    • It is a durable wood type that weathers well.
    • It has a natural resistance towards rot and infestation.
    • It doesn’t shrink or twist due to seasonal changes.
    • However, it needs annual treatment of wood oil to prevent splintering, cracking and drying out.

    Several garden furniture stores, like Home Gift Garden, use redwood for making their outdoor furniture. Home Gift Garden has its entire outdoor seating, from companion seats to picnic benches, made from Scandinavian Redwood. This shows how popular redwood is in the furniture making process.

    Shine With Shorea

    Characterised among the best wood for outdoor use, shorea wood includes 5 different categories. These include; white merantis, yellow merantis, light red merantis, dark red merantis, balau. Some features of shorea wood are:

    • It is ideal for everyday wear and tear.
    • It is like teakwood in many attributes but is cheaper.
    • It is rot and insect-resistant.
    • It is resistant to damage from fungus and moisture.
    • It is extremely durable and tightly grained.
    • It turns grey over time losing its natural brown colour.
    • The natural shade of shorea wood can be maintained by regularly treating it with an oil-based preservative.

    This type of wood is commonly used in garden furniture; especially an outside wooden bench looks great in this wood. Due to its higher density and greater durability, shorea wood garden furniture will last a lifetime with you.

    Take Over With Teak

    The goddess of wooden garden furniture is teakwood. It has all the qualities that one could imagine in the best wood for garden furniture. Its main qualities are:

    • It resists decay.
    • It repels water and moisture.
    • It doesn’t swell, warp or shrink due to seasonal change.
    • The wood colour darkens with the passage of time i.e. it ages well.
    • It’s ideal in terms of its strength.
    • It has a tight grain, hence the strength.
    • It has an abundance of natural oils which maintain the golden lustre of the wood.

    Like every good quality wood, teakwood has a supreme level of resistance against decay and infestation. It is also resistant to termites. Its leather-like scent also works in its favour.

    Choosing Best Wood For Outdoor Use

    Now that we have descriptively discussed different types of wood for furniture for outdoor use, you might have gathered some ideas. To sum it all up, the best wood for garden furniture is the one that is the most durable and has the ability to weather the weather. Some stores prefer one type of wood over another. So ultimately, it’s you who has to decide which one you’d like to buy for your garden or patio.

    Once you have the major features of the outdoor wooden furniture checked, only then should you consider style. But don’t go on buying ugly looking garden furniture just because it’s durable. Be careful in choosing garden furniture as its going to be with you for a long period.