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Choosing the Right Cable For Your Job



    Choosing the Right Cable For Your Job


    When there is a blockage in a residential drain line, you need a snake that offers the right amount of strength and length but is also flexible enough to navigate smaller pipes. Manufacturers produce an overwhelming amount of cables both inner-core and no-core, in a variety of lengths and sizes, but, for most plumbing issues you will encounter in a home or residential building, ¾” x 100’ sewer snake cable will get the blockage removed quickly and efficiently.

    CH25-050 - 1/4" x 50' Hollow Core Drain Cable

    The first step in deciding on the correct sewer snake cable is to determine if you will need a no-core or inner-core cable. Inner-core cables feature a central metal material that adds torsion to the cable and therefore strength. This is particularly useful in breaking up difficult blockages such as tree roots. These cables are also commonly found when working with larger drain lines such as industrial or larger commercial facilities. Because the cable must resist kinking or even breaking as it makes its way to the clog, strength is important. A large commercial building can have a very large and thick blockage that builds over a long time so having strong cables is absolutely critical in this situation.

    However, it may not be right for every situation. A no-core cable lacks this material but it trades strength for flexibility and may be more suited to smaller jobs with hard-to-reach areas or drain lines with tricky pipes that twist and turn. This is found almost exclusively in small systems where it is more important that the cable can navigate the pipe without damaging itself or the client’s property than it is to remove blockages with large amounts of pressure and force. A no-core cable will make its way through even the tightest drains and pipes.

    Once this is decided, the length of the cable remains the other important consideration. ¾” x 100’ sewer snake cable is an ideal choice for most, but may not always be necessary. Consider a ¾” x 50’ cable for smaller lines or a ¾” x 200’ sewer snake cable for especially long pipes or drain lines that require more reach. Pairing these cables with an appropriate digital inspection camera will result in a job that gets done quickly and hassle-free. Consider too the type of machine you will be using with these cables. Ensure that your machine’s drum can handle the length of cable you have chosen and that they are compatible and will work smoothly together. Cables also have various attachments that will assist in breaking up the debris or blockage and these too should be carefully chosen when making your purchase.

    At Duracable, our experts are happy to assist you in purchasing the ¾” x 100’ sewer snake cable or any other cable that you will need for your work. Any plumber, contractor, or handyman has their work cut out for them and our job is to add clarity and expert advice so that you can get back to work as quickly and as affordably as possible. Our plumbing experts have years of experience and we work quickly to get you all the answers to your questions.

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