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Cloudways Review- 10 Pros and 2 Cons You Should Know

    Cloudways server review

    In this Cloudways review we have judged Cloudways server from the perspective of an user or customer, rather than an affiliate.

    1.Variety of servers

    Cloudways provides 5 different types of server providers to choose from.

    1. Digital Ocean (3 days free trial)
      You will get 11 different choices based on amount of RAM available for your choice. They are 1GB, 2GB,4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 96GB, 128GB, 192 GB respectively. Also, the processor core, storage, bandwidth and monthly charge will vary accordingly.
    2. Linode (3 days free trial)
      Similar 11 choices will be available same as Digital Ocean.
    3. Vultr (3 days free trial)
      Similar 7 choices will be available same as Digital Ocean but maximum RAM amount is fixed at 64 GB.
      Also, Vultr provides you with High Frequency server options. These are performance enhanced in terms of hardware, compared to other types of commonly available shared servers. These servers can easily outperform any other shared servers in performance. There are 7 different choices of packages in terms of amount of RAM available.
    4. AWS
      AWS has 14 different server types to choose. AWS server types varies from different aspect from one another.
    5. Google Cloud Platform
      Google cloud platform gives you 12 different options. The server configurations are different from each other in various categories.

    Cloudways provides highest number of varieties in terms of performance and configuration.

    Server variety

    Our take:

    Cloudways is very much recommended if you want a customized and curated server, in terms of configuration, for your application.

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    2. Server pricing

    First thing first! Cloudways server is not for those who want to just start off but is not sure how much traffic or server load can be achieved. This server is for you if you have a moderate to good idea of how complex and resource hungry your application is, and what could be the desired hardware profile you need to run your application.

    But, still you can start with a popular hardware profile consisting of 2GB of RAM, 20 GB of SSD, 2TB of bandwidth and a 1 core processor.

    The above said configuration will cost you USD 22 per month or USD 0.0306 per hour.

    AWS and Google cloud server are the most expensive servers in Cloudways. If you are not sure about your return on investment or how much your site can earn, then I would personally recommend you not to opt for these servers at the beginning.

    But if your service is scalable and earning high return then these servers are a perfect choice. You will get a mix of flexibility that AWS and Google server provides and the guaranteed high performance and above all, you have “pay as you go” offer which is a huge cost saver for big, scalable and enterprise applications.

    Cloudways also provides hourly payment structure for every type of server. This is an unparalleled benefit for large applications. For example, Google cloud server package “GCE n1-std-32” comes with 120GB RAM, 32 virtual CPUs, 20GB storage, and 2GB bandwidth and costs USD 1.7912 per hour. In a time based application, if the server works for 9 hours a day with 2 days per week offline, then in a month the server costs 9×1.7912x5x4= USD 322.416. But the same server on monthly payment scheme, will charge you a whopping USD 1332.65!

    Flexible pricing is what we think is an added advantage of Cloudways over other hosting providers.

    Cloudways gives you very flexible pricing, both monthly and hourly basis.

    Flexible and “pay as you go” pricing but NOT very supportive of small applications with little budget

    Our take:

    Flexible pricing reflecting actual usage, though pricing structure not suitable for starter enthusiasts.

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    3. Customer Support

    For any hosting service, a great customer support is one of the topmost priority. As the server is on the hosting premises, therefore a customer is helpless and completely dependant upon the hosting providers for any information or troubleshooting or any other intended changes.

    Cloudways knows this. And a robust and dedicated customer support is their prominent feature.

    In “Premium Support” plan, they will work with your own technical team and will give you a dedicated Slack channel to collaborate.

    24x7x365 expert chat system, dedicated phone support, expert Slack channel, and priority ticket facility. Cloudways is always reachable by a customer under any circumstances.

    Clouways review - support level comparison.
    Cloudways Support type

    BUT from various channels like Facebook, forums and other discussions, it has become quite significant that a number of customers have serious complaint against the customer support of Cloudways. For being honest, we take this revelation into account, but we also admit that in case of such a large setup, customer complaints are expected and can not be brought down to zero overnight.

    Cloudways customer support has multiple open channel and works 24x7x365

    Customer support

    Our take:

    Multiple customer support channel including dedicated Slack, close collaboration and priority ticket and available for 24x7x365

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    4. Customized Server

    Cloudways gives you a customized version of WordPress-Woocommerce, Magento, Laravel, Drupal, Prestashop and Joomla framework pre-installed in the server.

    They have spcialized cache system built-in inside the pre-configured server for WordPress and Woocommerce.

    Similarly for managed Magento and other types of frameworks, they come with specialized technology stacks and cache implementations to boost your client experience many fold.

    Managed servers come with a specialized tech stack including curated cache implementation; to amplify user experience.

    Highest level of performance for managed servers

    Our take:

    Cloudways deploys fine tuned tech stack for almost all the popular frameworks including WordPress-Woocommerce, Magento, Laravel, Drupal, Prestashop and Joomla

    Load WooCommerce Stores in 249ms!

    5. Other aspects

    • Free migration
      Website migration is a very delicate and critical job. It needs an understanding of the targeted server as well as a great knowledge of how the application was knitted with the previous server.
      For example, if you migrate to a new server, then you need to change the hardcoded file paths of the session storage accordingly. Also, the “temp” folder address is also to be changed and must be reflected in right places. These type of changes are not only needed in application files, but also they have to be scanned and replaced in the database as well.
      These changes need a thorough and expert knowledge of each and every plugins installed, as well as the customized codebase itself, if any.
      Cloudways takes care of all these headaches and all you need to do is seat back tight.
    • Application monitoring
      Cloudways will automatically start investigating if your application is down and will report to you accordingly. They will take care of the problem automatically and will do their best to resolve the issue and bring back your application to live again!
    • Performance
      Built-in optimized cache, PHP version 7, SSDs, Cloudways CDN, PHP-FPM, HTTP/2 will work in tandem to give you a seamless performance experience and will make your user experience blazing fast and smooth.
    • Security
      Cloudways deploys an operating system level application firewall to prevent any malicious attacks on your application. They also installs free SSL, enhanced bot protection, two factor authentication and many more to secure your installation.
    • Latest database support
      Most of the server hosting providers install MariaDB or MySql old stable version for backward compatibility. But if your application is brand new and deploys all the latest technologies and upgrades all the installed frameworks regularly, then you should use the latest database for optimum results. Otherwise you will be deprived from the advantages of high grade services provided by Cloudways. And Cloudways is well aware of it.
      They implement the latest and upgraded version of databases in their server for maximum leverage.
    • Email hosting
      NO! Cloudways does not give you any email hosting by default. You can have it as an addon with extra price. This is the biggest cons we have encountered during the evaluation of Cloudways.
    • cPanel or Plesk
      No! Cloudways has its own Cloudways cPanel. They do not provide any traditional cPanel or Plesk. This makes things little bit difficult to get accustomed to the new type of admin control panel.
    • You can not buy a domain name!
      You can not buy a domain name in Cloudways. You can buy it from elsewhere and pin it to your hosting ip address. On the other hand, almost all the popular hosting providers will let you buy a domain name with their hosting, for free or at a minimal price for the first year.
    • Ease of Use
      The Cloudways cPanel is very easy to use. You can create a new server with custom configurations at a few clicks! Also, monitoring and management are all in one place and easily comprehensible. Almost all the settings are a matter of a few mouse clicks.

    Cloudways stays ahead of its competitors in other important aspects.

    Free migration
    Application monitoring
    Latest database support
    Email hosting
    cPanel or Plesk
    You can not buy a domain name!
    Ease of Use

    Our take:

    Cloudways is a complete solution for web hosting. It is a great opportunity to have backing of Cloudways while operating an application. But this satisfaction comes with a few headaches as well.

    Final rating of Cloudways
    • Variety of servers
    • Server pricing
    • Customer Support
    • Customized Server
    • Free migration
    • Application monitoring
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Latest database support
    • Email hosting
    • You can not buy a domain name!
    • Ease of Use

    Summary of Cloudways Review

    Cloudways server is built for those who dream big. Cloudways services will take care of all your hosting related problems and will let you give your 100% of time and toil in building your application and growth. 
    If you are confident of growth and return from your online initiative then Cloudways is the only choice for you.