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Comparison of Marijuana Packaging | BrandMyDispo

    Marijuana Packaging

    Comparison of Marijuana Packaging | BrandMyDispo


    Marijuana Packaging


    CBD dispensaries place a high value on the quality of Marijuana sold. However, if the product is not properly packaged, the customer may receive something that does not reflect the effort put in to ensure a high-quality product. Prioritizing Custom Marijuana packaging ensures that your product is consistent from start to finish.


    Comparison of Custom Marijuana Packages

    When it is about Custom Marijuana Packaging, you can find there are many standards followed in the industries. But all of them can be classified into three definitive categories. And as expected, each of them comes with their own part of advantages and disadvantages. Below we discuss all of the packaging strategies and their pros and cons in brief.


    Custom Marijuana Packaging Types That Are Rigid

    Rigid packaging is any packaging that has an unyielding form. Glass and metal packaging are examples of this.


    • Pros: Rigid Custom Marijuana packaging offers the best protection against flower crushing and increased oxidation. It’s a sanitary solution that’s simple to clean and provides an excellent customer-facing presentation.

    • Cons: The main disadvantage of this process if the risk of damage or breakage depending upon the type of packaging. The regulation is that the item be placed in a clear rigid packaging. Perhaps in an additional exit bag. But obviously that will bring the extra cost in the line. Also, another fact of inconvenience is that if they are placed in the recessed areas inside the container then it will be also difficult to access them. This is especially true in case of oils and concentrates. In this type of packaging, the storage is also another 

    Custom Marijuana Packaging Types That Are Semi-Rigid

    This packaging is not as rigid as rigid packaging but, while holding its shape well, can still change shape with moderate pressure. Cans, cartons, and plastic containers are examples of semi-rigid packaging.


    • Pros: Semi-rigid packaging withstands normal handling reasonably well. It can be molded into a variety of shapes, allowing for packaging flexibility and a wide range of branding options. Because it is lighter than rigid packaging, it is easier to transport and store, and it allows for quick, cost-effective production.

    • Cons: Many customers may object to a packaging product that is not recyclable. This packaging is also prone to scratching and discoloration over time, making inventory management more difficult. Similarly, some semi-rigid packaging types can be flammable, so caution must be exercised when storing.


    Types of Flexible Custom Marijuana Packaging

    Flexible packaging, which typically refers to pouches, bags, envelopes, and sachets made of plastic, paper, or foil, is the most yielding and can change shape with minimal force.


    • Pros: Flexible Custom Weed packaging makes it simple to apply labels and other forms of customization, such as clear windows, hang holes, and so on. Because of its lightweight and compact size, this option is recyclable as well as simple to display, store, and ship. Flexible packaging is widely available, inexpensive, and simple to obtain.

    • Cons: While flexible packaging is ideal for Marijuana concentrates, it is not appropriate for most other Marijuana products. Because of the ease with which flexible Custom Marijuana packaging can be punctured during transport, quality is critical.


    Weed Labeling Requires Compliance

    Regardless of the custom weed packaging you choose, custom weed labeling is important for sales, branding, and compliance. Labeling must clearly adhere to all regulations and may include information about the weed strain, lab name, test # confirmation, and date tested, net weight in grams, CBD percent, and THC percent. Because regulations change frequently, short-run production can assist in avoiding outdated packaging.

    While compliance is critical, labeling also serves an important purpose in promoting your company’s brand. Tactile finishes, foil stamping, embossing and debossing, and chrome or matte finishes are just a few of the many ways you can differentiate your package labeling from the competition.


    Your One-Stop Shop for Pressure Sensitive Marijuana Labeling

    Quality Marijuana, proper packaging, and eye-catching labeling all combine to create a product that your company can be proud of and that your customers rave about. Products provides low-cost solutions for custom labeling Marijuana products.



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